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Man holding an old camera

Donate an object to our collections

We're always interested in new objects and different stories, and encourage members of the public to contact us if they have something of interest.

Joshua Hale, a Herpetology PHD student, extracting DNA from frog speciments dating back to the 1960s.

Higher Degree Research

Our Higher Degree Research program welcomes applications from Honours, Masters and PhD research students for projects with direct links to the Museum’s Collections. 

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Bec Carland

Senior Curator, History of Collections & Scientific Art

Australian Lyre Bird, Menura Superba from J. Gould's The Birds of Australia, vol. iii

Library and Archives

The Museum's Library and Archives has been developing its collection of literature, artwork and information resources since 1854.

Small spider on a pencil

Make a donation

Support us to inspire a future that is propelled by science, advanced through education and enriched by a shared humanity.

Various objects and props relating to Spanish culture used in outreach programs

La maleta viajera

The program has been designed to introduce students and teachers of Spanish to the rich collections of Museums Victoria.

Gift membership

Gift membership

Want to buy a membership for someone else? Give the gift that lasts all year with a Museum Members Gift Pack.

Woman researcher in the field

Otways Bioscan

Museums Victoria’s collections provide a rich resource for understanding the past, present, and future of our state.

Close up of a dinosaur claw

Unboxing the museum: Deinocheirus claws

The racks and collections in the museum stores contain many objects and memories. This is Collection Manager at Museums Victoria, Tim Ziegler's personal story of just one.

Bunjil's wing kinetic sculpture in First Peoples exhibition, Bunjilaka, Melbourne Museum.

First Peoples

Help us to build further connections with Country, people and cultures, by creating opportunities to increase understanding and support the First Peoples of Victoria.

Making Futures

Participants in the one day ‘Making Futures Slam event’ on 5 September 2018 at Melbourne Museum reflect on their day and on how museum collections connect the environment, history and culture to tell stories with relevance for our future.

Two kangaroos in an embrace, in a bush clearing, St Andrews, October 2009. These kangaroos were made orphans due to the Black Saturday bushfires and are very close. Cooper (right) and Merlot (left), two young Grey Kangaroos, are standing within a bush clearing at Wildhaven Wildlife Shelter. Part of the Kinglake National Park can be seen in the background; with burnt tree trunks and new undergrowth visible.

Climate Action

Help us to undertake vital research, conservation and education programs to protect the biodiversity of our living planet and ensure a thriving future.

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Journals published by Museums Victoria highlighting our research and collections.

Adult showing a child a stick insect

Outreach Program

Our travelling 'museum in a van' and kit loan service, providing access to the Museum's collection. 

Brittle star

Image requests

Request the use of images owned by Museums Victoria that appear in our exhibitions, publications and websites.

Briefcase containing What's your story? learning kit objects

What's your story?

A suitcase containing museum objects designed so that students can explore how objects and artefacts can tell the stories of migration to Australia.

Various objects and props relating to Italian culture used in outreach programs

Mi viene in mente quando

An Italian reminiscing kit designed to assist older Italians recall both their past life in Italy and migration to Australia.

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About Memoirs

Memoirs publishes papers on original research in the natural sciences pertinent to Victoria and/or the museum's collections.

Two girls making a light-up card with a Scienceworks' staff member in Test Lab.

Become a volunteer

Our volunteers help to deliver a fantastic range of exciting and memorable public programs as well as assisting curators and collection staff behind the scenes.

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Mary Morris

Senior Collection Manager and Curator, Ethnohistory Collection

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Find a staff member

Meet the staff at the heart of our world-class research, collections and exhibitions. 

Two women in cloaks

Two Strong Sisters Connected

Two Strong Sisters Connected takes you on a journey through the stories of the artists, sharing matriarchal cultural knowledge, passed down from mothers and grandmothers for thousands of generations.

Woman in an art studio

Gung | create, make, do, love

Gung | create, make, do, love shares a series of works from acclaimed visual artist Kelly Koumalatsos, with 24 new and existing works on display in Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre at Melbourne Museum.

View of the Wild Amazing Animals exhibition, worldwide environments.

Wild goodbyes

We've been blown away by the number of people who have reached out to us about Wild—here are some answers to your most often asked questions. 

Woman standing in front of a chicken coop, holding two chickens in her arms as other chickens graze on the ground

Invisible Farmer

The largest ever study of Australian women on the land is revealing the hidden stories of women farmers.

A pressed orchid specimen.

Pressed Orchids

Unlike their Asian counterparts, Australian orchids like the rosy spider orchid, pictured below, are beautifully understated. Delicate and beautiful, they are not flashy like the orchids available at your local nursery.

two rock fragments

The Murchison meteorite

The story behind one of the most studied meteorites, which fell to earth near Victoria in 1969. 

Portrait of a young man

George Lyell's letters

In addition to the development of his moth and butterfly collection, George Lyell’s letters reveal much about his personal relationships.

“Butterflies of Australia” (1914) proofs from the Museums Victoria Archives

Moths are beautiful too

At October's Nocturnal event, a multidisciplinary team of Museum workers and a guest speaker from University of Melbourne got together to present items from the George Lyell Collection to visitors.

Portrait of Dr G.A. Waterhouse arranging specimens in his collection at the Australian Museum, 2 February 1931.

Kindred spirits

Between 1891 and 1947, George Lyell and Gustavus Athol Waterhouse's regular correspondence shared a passion for moths and butterflies.

Professor Deirdre Coleman, Nik McGrath and Simon Hinkley in the ABC Radio Melbourne Studio, 19 November 2019.

On the wing

Professor Deirdre Coleman, Nik McGrath and Simon Hinkley join Richelle Hunt in the ABC Radio Melbourne Studio.

Untold Education Project

Invisible Farmer is the largest ever study of Australian women on the land. This website provides resources for teachers in Australian schools who might be interested in contributing to that research. 


'It's made by Kodak, so you know it's good.' Cameras, film, paper and chemicals were just some of the products produced and sold by Kodak Australasia and its predecessors over the years. Explore over a century of photographic products made in Melbourne, Australia.

Group of staff in white lab coats standing with boxes on a pallet


Many thousands of people worked for Kodak over its 120 years of manufacturing in Melbourne, Australia. Immerse yourself in a selection of stories featuring former Kodak staff as they reflect on their working lives.

Kooyang (eel) diorama, demonstrating how eel traps were used by Indigenous people in Victoria.

Investigating the past

How have Australia’s First Peoples maintained sustainable food systems for over 65,000 years?

Cultural identity

Our heritage as individuals and as a nation has an impact on our cultural identity. Where do you come from? What connections to place and people, stories of cultural identity and/or migration can you find in your community?

Family and community life

Do you know your family or community's story? Who can you talk to? What can you look at? What questions do you ask?

Look and Listen

Dig deeper and continue your learning with entomologists, palaeontologists and other museum experts.

Sing and Dance

Warm up your vocal chords and put on those dancing shoes- it’s time to move your body!

Museum of Staying Home

A series of activities designed to get you thinking about and documenting your life under lockdown.

Children's Week

Join us online to celebrate Children’s Week with a jam-packed program curated for our little learners!

A close-up of a woman holding a lizard

Grants and funding

Find out about the grants Museums Victoria has received and the funding opportunities we provide. 

Curator Julian Finn photographing and collecting aquatic insects along the Wye River. Location: Australia, Victoria, Great Otway National Park, Wye River, At back of Wye River Big 4 Caravan Park, in river. Survey: Otways Bioscan OTB 2018 158

Science and research

In the past 3-5 years, Museums Victoria scientists and volunteers have conducted vital biodiversity surveys across Victoria that will provide invaluable benchmarks for fire-affected areas.

Join us on social media

Join some of our experts on Instagram and Twitter as they take us on a fascinating journey behind the scenes into their scientific specialties and Museum life.

Exterior view outside Melbourne Museum

Make a bequest

A gift in your will is a lasting tribute that will inspire and support our communities to engage with science, contemporary history and the living planet.

Girl using an ipad to draw a butterfly

Online events for families

Engage in our special workshops, get involved in our guided presenter-led sessions and have a go at exciting crafts and experiments.

Museum staff showing box to an elderly woman

Adult presentations

Museum object-based sessions for adult groups who may find it difficult to visit one of our venues.

Woman lifting tissues samples from a refrigeration barrel

National Science Week

Museums Victoria is bringing you a program packed with online events, social media takeovers and challenges, in-depth stories and the chance to vote for Victoria's State Fossil Emblem.

Neighbours interacting across their fence

'Across the Fence'

Across the Fence is a photographic series that was created by Melbourne-based photographer Julie Ewing as a ‘community-spirited goodwill project’ in response to the first COVID-19 lockdowns in Victoria that began in March 2020.

Results from our museums

P class locomotive no. 7, circa 1865

Victorian railways

Explore Victoria's rich railway history, drawing on over 1,000 historic images from the collections of Museums Victoria and the Public Record Office Victoria.


Prepare to get your creative juices flowing through fun facts, project ideas and activities.

Greeting card - Adorkable


Prepare to get your creative juices flowing through fun facts, project ideas and videos.

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