An immersive exhibition about Notre-Dame is coming to Melbourne!

New exhibition relives the spectacular history of the Notre-Dame de Paris

The Imperial Coronation viewed with the HistoPad from Notre-Dame de Paris, the Augmented Exhibition. Photo and source: Histovery

Five years to the day since the devastating fire that ravaged the world’s most famous and beloved cathedral, Immigration Museum announces it will be hosting Notre-Dame de Paris, the Augmented Exhibition.

Opening on 5 December 2024 – just days before the restored cathedral reopens in Paris on 8 December for the first time since the 2019 fire – the exhibition will grant singular access to Notre-Dame for visitors on the other side of the world, right here in Melbourne.

Notre-Dame de Paris, the Augmented Exhibition is a 3D, 360-degree journey into the cathedral’s 850-year history and ongoing restoration. Designed and produced by digital heritage specialists, Histovery, in collaboration with Rebuilding Notre-Dame de Paris and supported by Presenting Partner L’Oréal Groupe, Notre-Dame de Paris, the Augmented Exhibition has been an international success; this world-touring exhibition has been seen by over 380,000 visitors across eleven cities worldwide including in Paris, Washington, Montreal, Dubai and London.

To navigate the exhibition, each visitor will use a HistoPad, an augmented reality touchscreen tablet that is a portable, hand-held device designed to be accessible for all ages. The HistoPad creates immersive and interactive reconstructions, visually transporting visitors to explore the cathedral’s key historical moments from 1163 to the present-day restoration.

Visitors will travel back in time to the Middle Ages when the first stones of the cathedral were laid; to the lavish wedding of King Henry IV in 1572; to the glittering coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1804; and to the nineteenth-century construction of Notre-Dame’s iconic spire, which was tragically destroyed by the 2019 fire.

The exhibition will bring to light the skill, artistry and vision of the cathedral’s architects, craftsmen and builders over the ages, culminating in the 21st-century experts who are restoring the iconic landmark to its former glory today.

‘Notre-Dame de Paris is an architectural icon of beauty, culture and heritage. We are delighted to invite visitors to Immigration Museum to travel through time and space and immerse themselves in the extraordinary 850-year history and restoration of the Notre-Dame de Paris, thanks to innovative augmented reality technology,’ said Museums Victoria CEO and Director Lynley Crosswell.

‘Notre-Dame de Paris is a symbol of our country’s rich history, architectural craftsmanship and resilience. We are excited and proud to see this unique monument restored to its full glory, with the help of modern technology. It is an honour and pleasure to share this major part of our cultural heritage with the Australian public in Melbourne, through Histovery’s augmented exhibition,’ said French Ambassador to Australia, Pierre-André Imbert.

‘This augmented exhibition is a celebration of the extraordinary history and splendour of our beloved Notre-Dame de Paris. Through Histovery’s unique, innovative format, individuals of all ages can immerse themselves in the cathedral’s 850-year history, reliving pivotal historical moments, and interacting with the ongoing reconstruction efforts. We are very grateful to the L’Oréal Groupe for making this exhibition a reality, and are honoured to be presenting it at the Immigration Museum. We are particularly thrilled that the Immigration Museum will host this exhibition in December 2024, a month which coincides with the much-anticipated reopening of Notre-Dame after a five-year reconstruction period,’ said Bruno de Sa Moreira, cofounder and CEO of Histovery.

‘We are honoured to be part of this remarkable experience and to partner with Museums Victoria to bring it to life. As a 115-year-old French company, we are proud to participate in the saving and reconstruction of Notre-Dame, a true symbol of French heritage and culture. Through the power of technology and innovation, this exhibition has been travelling the world and for Australia it’s the perfect opportunity for so many people to access and feel a part of the grandeur of Notre-Dame, a unique experience not to miss out!’ said Alex Davison, CEO L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand.

Against a backdrop of increased household living costs, Notre-Dame de Paris: The Augmented Exhibition will be complimentary with museum admission, offering free entry for children. Mark your calendars from December 5th, 2024 to April 27th, 2025, and stay tuned for ticket availability later this year.

Notre-Dame de Paris, the Augmented Exhibition

Open: Thursday 5 December 2024
Location: Immigration Museum, 400 Flinders Street, Melbourne
Tickets: Included with museum entry
Adults: $15 | Seniors: $10 | Concession: Free | Children: Free

About Immigration Museum

Immigration Museum houses captivating stories that encourage visitors to build human connection and compassion. Through a program of immersive exhibitions, dynamic collections, special events, educational programs and digital content, Immigration Museum celebrates identity and world cultures, providing a safe space for the sharing of ideas and stories.

About Histovery

Histovery is at the cutting edge of innovation, using augmented reality to enhance heritage. HistoPad is the evolving ‘Augmented Visit’ service on tablets that revolutionises the visitor experience through in situ 360-degree reconstructions and interactive content manipulation, always carried out with rigorous respect for scientific knowledge.

About Rebuilding Notre-Dame de Paris

The public institution responsible for the preservation and restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris to ensure the conduct, coordination and completion of studies and operations contributing to the preservation and restoration of the Notre-Dame cathedral. Created in the aftermath of the 2019 fire, it also has a mission to promote the building site, trades and expertise contributing to this, particularly through the implementation of cultural and educational programmes in France and internationally.

About L’Oréal Groupe

L’Oréal Groupe is a major donor to the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris and is the sponsor of the exhibition. Using the potential of technology to create an augmented experience, accessible to all, is at the heart of the L'Oréal Groupe’s approach to innovation. L'Oréal invites everyone to relive the extraordinary history of Notre-Dame de Paris, that continues to be written today, prior to its reopening to the public, faithful to the Group’s raison d’être and purpose: ‘Create the beauty that moves the world.’

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