Grants and funding

Current ARC Linkage Grants awarded to Museums Victoria

  • The Invisible Farmer Project: The largest ever study of Australian women on the land.
  • A National Framework for Managing Malignant Plastics in Museum Collections: How can we predict and increase the lifespan of malignant plastics?
  • Testing Co-Evolutionary Processes Driving Venom Diversity in Tiger Snakes: Investigating a range of tiger snake venom related questions.
  • Fison and Howitt Papers Project: Looking at nineteenth century anthropologists Lorimer Fison and A.W. Howitt’s accounts of Indigenous culture and historical encounters between Indigenous and European settlers.
  • Wild Australia Show (1892-93): Producing an authoritative and original interpretation of the Wild Australia Show, which was staged by a company of Aboriginal people around Australia between 1892 and 1893.
  • Migration, cultural diversity and television: reflecting modern Australia: Documenting the evolving history of popular television and its contribution to national discussions about migration, cultural diversity and citizenship across six decades.
Phd Biology student, Katie Smith, recording frog calls beside a lake in a wetland environment at dusk.
Lupita Bribiesca, Phd candidate, presenting a talk as part of the 'Meet the Scientists' program at Melbourne Museum Theatre.

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