School programs and resources

We offer a range of school excursions inspired by our exhibitions and collections. All programs are Victorian curriculum-aligned and developed by our team of highly experienced educators.  Our friendly bookings team can help you put an excursion together - see our school visit information.

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Four students with workbooks looking in a gallery. 
Museum Staff-led Years 8 to 10, 7

History Lab (VCES)

Develop student historical thinking with primary sources from the Museum collection. Free for government schools.

A girl sitting at a desk with pen in hand ready to write. The room is painted green and the walls are filled with objects and books.
Museum Staff-led Years 9 to VCE

Creative Writing Lab

Inspire students and kick start their creativity through creative writing workshops at the museum.   

The painting portrays a scene from 2001 when crew from the Australian naval vessel HMAS Adelaide boarded the Olong
Online Years 9 to VCE

Seeking Refuge Virtual

A virtual program exploring issues of asylum, refugee status, and Australia’s immigration policies.


Three students in a classroom reading a document.
Self-directed Years 9 to VCE

Waves of Migration Self-directed

Students explore the waves of migration and varying perspectives of Australian society across 19th to 21st century.

Secondary school student looking at the Passport wall in Identity: Yours, Mine, Ours exhibition in Immigration Museum.
Self-directed Year VCE VM

VCE Vocational Major (VCE VM) Personal Development Skills Strand Program

A program introducing VCAL students to Victoria’s cultural diversity through a visit to the Immigration Museum.

Primary students looking into glass case
Self-directed Years 3 to 6

Primary Museum Trail

Museum gallery excursion with support activities available online. Short introduction offered by museum staff.

Various objects and props relating to exploring nature used in outreach programs
Teacher Resource Years K to VCE VM

Learning Kits

Engage your students with our learning kits full of exciting objects and learning materials.

Painting of sailing ship Marco Polo by Thomas Robertson, 1859
Online Years 3 to 4

Documenting the Voyage

An interactive storytelling session introducing students to primary sources and the perspectives of people from the 19th century. 

Online Years 5 to 6

From Vietnam to Victoria

Mai Ho arrived in Victoria in the 1970s after escaping from Vietnam. In this virtual session, students will be introduced to her story.

Image composed of fog, a horse and wing texture
Museum Staff-led Years F to 10, K, VCE to VCE VM

Virtual Learning

Experience Museums Victoria from your classroom with this series of virtual learning sessions.

A girl and boy laughing and looking at museum objects.
Museum Staff-led Years 3 to 4

Our Stories Museum Staff-led

An interactive session unpacking migration and First Peoples stories through museum objects

A young girl and two young boys playing with interactive exhibit.
Museum Staff-led Years 5 to 6

Many Stories

An interactive session unpacking stories of migration from the 19th century to present day. 

A film theatre with museum exhibits in the left and right hand side of the screen.
Museum Staff-led Years 9 to VCE

Seeking Refuge Museum Staff-led

Explore the issues and stories of people seeking refuge in the context of Australia's immigration history.

A boy with blonde hair and a girl with black hair looking at a digital screen in a museum gallery.
Self-directed Years 5 to 8

Many Stories Self-directed

Students explore the permanent exhibitions on the first floor with their very own passport.

School students participating in an education program in the Greek Treasures exhibition at Immigration Museum
Self-directed Years 7 to VCE

Secondary Museum Trail

Museum gallery excursion with support activities available online. Short introduction offered by museum staff.

A photo of Identity exhibition. There are video screens, objects in glass cases and walls with abstract art.
Self-directed Years 7 to VCE

Identity and Belonging: Self-directed

Explore the themes of Identity and belonging and what it means to be part of a culturally diverse society.


Bill Boyd boxing with his pet Kangaroo, Kanga Joe
Teacher Resource Years 5 to VCE

Making history

A digital education package incorporating research material and creative tools, enabling students to share digital histories.

Travelling trunk with stickers
Teacher Resource Years 2 to VCE

Teacher Resources

Activities for students participating in the various education programs at the Immigration Museum.

A woman with black hair and a young girl with brown hair and glasses look and smile at a digital screen.
Museum Staff-led Years 9 to VCE

Waves of Migration

Students explore the waves of migration and varying perspectives of Australian society across 19th to 21st century.



Child holds up a giant triton shell up to their ear.
Teacher Resource Year K

Kindergarten Presentations

Discover our 'museum in a van' and online programs for kindergarten groups in Victoria.

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