We’ve turned some of our much loved collection items, museum galleries and iconic buildings into puzzles. 

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Vess, courtesy of photographer Lekhena Porter and tattoo artist Paul Stillen

This photograph by Lekhena Porter is from an installation by Stanislava Pinchuk, Documenting the Body, which presented curated work by Australian tattoo artists as part of a broader suite of exhibitions, Our Bodies, Our Voices, Our Marks. Here, Vanessa shows her tattoo of a Chinese vase with peonies, by artist Paul Stillen.

"Growing up with my grandparents, in my house we had a lot of old Chinese vases. Those very typical blue ones... they just sit on the ground looking pretty. We always had a few paintings of peonies - ones that my dad had done, or that my grandparents brought back from their travels. I really liked the vases that Paul has done with his other vases, and I just said I want one of those. Make it to the shape of my back, and we'll put a flower in it."

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)

The Huxleys wearing their Double Fantasy costumes in the Love exhibition

The Love exhibition explored the universal, shared human experience of this most fundamental of emotions - we all have a love story.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)

Quilt - Isabella Spence, Patchwork, Scotland, 1840s-1850s

Patchwork quilt brought to Australia by Isabella Falconer Murray Spence (born 1831) when she migrated from Forfar Scotland with her husband David Spence in 1853.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)

Piano Accordion - Besson, Stradello Dallape, Italy, 1920s

Besson Piano Accordion made by Stradello Dallape in Italy during the 1920s. This accordion was brought to Australia in 1932 by an Italian musician who used it in the band at the Yallourn S.E.C campus until 1943.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)

Immigration Museum

The Immigration Museum first opened in Melbourne's Old Customs House in 1998. Customs House was built to be one of Melbourne's grand buildings - customs being the main source of government revenue until 1915, when income tax was introduced. Its grandeur declared that Melbourne was a thriving and wealthy metropolis, linked by trade to Britain and the other major cities of the British Empire.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)


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