Virtual Learning

Online versions of our most popular programs from Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks and Immigration Museum.

A museum educator will deliver a live, interactive session, exclusively to your students. Each curriculum aligned session will be supported with resources for learning during and after the session.

Humanities programs

A toy box tale

This interactive, semi-animated program, based on the My grandmother's toy box storybook, provides a unique view of life in the past.

Painting of a sailing ship

Documenting the voyage

An interactive story telling session introducing students to primary sources and the perspectives of people from the 19th century.

From Vietnam to Victoria

Mai Ho arrived in Victoria in the 1970s after escaping from Vietnam. In this session students will be introduced to her story.

Science programs

Black cockroach on grass

Schoolyard Bugs!

Learn about insects and spiders and explore Museums Victoria’s amazing collection of bugs!

Space X launching off a launch pad.

Blast off: How rockets work

A virtual, interactive show that explores the forces required to get rockets into space and the effects of space travel on the body.

Close up image of a presenter in a full face safety mask, shrouded in fog, peering at a glass flask with bubbling clear liquid.

Cool stuff: Fog, froth & fun

An interactive virtual excursion – explore the effects of temperature on solids, liquids and gases using super-cool liquid nitrogen.

Image using Stellarium, a planetarium program with images of stars, planets and constellations highlighted using the Stellarium program.

Secrets of the sky

A presenter-led guided tour of the Melbourne sky using Stellarium, an open source stargazing program

A tiny orange and brown peacock spider sitting on the tip of a lead pencil

Virtual learning: What is a bug?

Kindergarten | Mon–Fri | 9.30AM, 11am & 1PM

How are bugs different to other animals? Become an entomologist and learn to identify different groups of bugs. Find out some of the amazing things bugs can do!

A spiky red crab on a black background

Virtual learning: Deep sea discovery

Kindergarten | Mon–Fri | 9.30AM, 11am & 1PM

Learn about ocean animals as we journey from the beaches of Victoria into the deep, dark ocean world of the Abyssal Zone. How different do animals look who live in the deepest parts of the ocean?

Cast of a frilled dinosaur

Virtual learning: Dinosaurs and fossils

Kindergarten | Mon–Fri | 9.30AM, 11am & 1PM

Learn about dinosaurs and fossils, and find out some of the ways palaeontologists know what they know about the ancient world of dinosaurs! Written specially for early learners.


$90 per program (up to 30 students) + $35 booking fee.


Email [email protected].

Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series


Free for Government Schools.


Email [email protected].

Meet the Museum

Experience Museums Victoria from your classroom with this series of virtual learning sessions.

Meet the Museum is a series of engaging and interactive virtual learning experiences that provide access to experts and behind-the-scenes spaces across Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks and Immigration Museum. 

Education service fee $35 per connection

[email protected]

There are currently no session scheduled

Past virtual learning sessions 

Explore the playlist below to watch excerpts from past virtual learning sessions.

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