A Toy Box Tale

Terms 2 to 4, Monday to Friday
9:30am, 1:30pm
45 minutes
Year level
Years F to 2
Minmum student numbers
Minimum 20 students
Maximum student numbers
Maximum 90 students
Virtual Program
$90 per 30 students + booking fee
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Booking information
Bookings 13 11 02

This interactive program based on the My grandmother's toy box storybook, provides a unique view of life in the past.

This old toy box has fascinating tales to tell about children’s toys linked to different chapters of the Melbourne Story from 1835 to the present day. Students will see the toys that Hannah discovers in her ancestral toy box up close, and will have the opportunity to reflect on what children’s toys can tell us about how people lived in the past.

In this virtual incursion, children will learn about change over time and how some things change but others stay the same. The toy timeline provides an introduction to chronological order in historical texts.

Teachers will need to download the timeline worksheet so that students can interact with the story and objects as the story is being told. Additional resources are provided for consolidating their learning after the session.

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Victorian Curriculum links

Historical Concepts and Skills: Foundation - Level 2

  • Sequence significant events about personal and family history to create a chronological narrative (VCHHC053)
  • Identify perspectives about changes to daily life from people in the past or present (VCHHC055)
  • Identify examples of continuity and change in family life and in the local area by comparing past and present (VCHHC056)

Historical Knowledge: Foundation - Level 2

  • Differences and similarities between students' daily lives and perspectives of life during their parents’ and grandparents’ childhoods, including family traditions, leisure time and communications (VCHHK061)
  • The effect of changing technology on people’s lives and their perspectives on the significance of that change (VCHHK065)


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