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First Nations for Climate Action

With a deep connection to, and knowledge of, the land they care for, First Nations communities are a crucial but often overlooked voice in conversations about sustainability, climate action and environmental policy.

Group of First Peoples demonstrating on the steps of parliament house

Fight for Survival

The story of a landmark moment in Australian History when communities united to save Victoria’s treasured Northland Secondary College.


Open Horizons

For the first time in Australia, see some of the most extraordinary items direct from the National Archaeological Museum, Greece.

A woman using an iPad and drawing the details of a shell

Digital Art Class

From Triceratops to a world of bugs, Melbourne Museum is an amazing source of inspiration. Discover the wonders of digital drawing in this art and science focused workshop.


Triceratops: Fate of the Dinosaurs

Come face to face with one of the most awe-inspiring creatures ever to walk the Earth—the Triceratops.

A hanging tubular lighting feature made up of many intersecting curved pieces of wood. Two LED tubes run down the centre, their light making the wood glow.

Top Designs 2022

Discover the future of Victorian design at Top Designs, a multidisciplinary exhibition celebrating some of the finest works created by VCE and VET students from 2021.

A close-up portrait of Lou Bennet with a traditional, painted face, looking down into the lens of the camera, holding a spear engraved with markings
Special event

wurukur djuanduk balag-Ancestors Are Calling

Singing objects, held in Melbourne Museum, back home. Song composed in multiple First Peoples languages, accompanied by a string quartet.

Three fragments of a large funerary vase

Connected Worlds: Myth in Motion

Three experts join host Gillian Shepherd in exploring the exchange of ideas, practices and syncretism in myth and religion in the ancient world.

Exhibition entry with visitors looking at language map

First Peoples

Celebrating the history, culture, achievements and survival of Victoria’s Aboriginal people. 

illustrative floor plan of Melbourne Museum not to scale

Museum trail

Adventure awaits! Use our summer trail to explore Melbourne Museum's galleries and discover - or rediscover - wonderful objects, places, and animals along the way.

Girl and her mother looking out the windows of a pretend train

Children’s Gallery

A wondrous place for babies to 5-year-olds to explore, play and learn.

Special event

SHOUSE + m8riarchy + Komang

Returning to Melbourne Music Week to play a very special show at Melbourne Museum.

Man doing a presentation  in Auslan to a small group of people in front of a showcase displaying Aboriginal sheilds

Auslan tours

Join one of our free Auslan tours for an overview of some of the museum's displays.

Carved image of Bellerophon mounting his winged horse, Pegasus

Connected Worlds: Final Journeys – Afterlife and Underworld

Host Gillian Shepherd and three experts explore routes to the afterlife, roadmaps of the Underworld and ancient Greek grave furnishings.

Terracotta Greek artefact
Special event

Open Horizons family weekend celebration

Join us for this family friendly celebration of Open Horizons: Ancient Greek Journeys and Connections


Milarri Garden trail

Explore Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre's beautiful Indigenous garden.

A primary school student holding a branch with leaves with Learning Lab projection lights over him

Connecting With Nature

Find inspiration and tranquility this winter in Melbourne Museum’s Learning Lab.


Tiny Tours

We’re going on an adventure! Would you like to come along...?

Group of First Peoples demonstrating on the steps of parliament house

Fight for Survival

Curators and story holders of the ‘Fight for Survival’ exhibition talk about the significance of the grassroots campaign against the closing Northland Secondary College.

Group of First Peoples demonstrating on the steps of parliament house
Online Talk

Fight for Survival (Online)

Can't make it to Melbourne Museum? Join us via webinar.

Woman with a tattoo on her chin. The background is a green woven plant fibre with digital flowers

Tok stori Vikitolia Pasifiki and Te Vainui O Pasifika

Welcome to Te Vainui O Pasifika | the great waters of the Pacific peoples.

Doll's House - F.A. Clemons, 'Pendle Hall', 1940s.

Mini Mega Model Museum

Welcome to the Mini Mega Model Museum, where the apples are wax, the Colosseum is small and the models really work!

Detail of zinc etching


An etched zinc wall that spans the north wall of Birrarung Gallery and surrounds the entry to First Peoples


WORLDS Immersive – Learning Lab

An experience where art and science collide to explore the patterns and evolution of nature and our relationship to it.


The Listies totally serious 100% fact filled guide to the Melbourne Museum

Join Rich (the smart one) and Matt (the other one) as they venture forth to discover the secrets of the Learnadome (what Matt calls the Museum).


Dinosaurs of Antarctica IMAX 3D

Explore a prehistoric world now lost to ice!

Head of a skeleton of a flightless bird

Museum Alive IMAX 3D

Join Sir David Attenborough on a nocturnal adventure through London’s famous Natural History Museum.

Wall and floor projections in the Learning Lab showcase.

River Connections – Learning Lab

Award winning River Connections is an immersive projection experience in Melbourne Museum's Learning Lab. 

Woman giving a presentation

Museums Victoria Lectures

Come on a journey of discovery with a program of talks.

Woman talking to a crowd about the eels in the pond

Eel feeding

Watch a writhing mass of hungry eels gobble up their lunch!

Two students using virtual reality googles to experience a road trip from the past to the future of travel in Victoria.

Road to Zero experience

The world’s first immersive experience that explores a future free from deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

Advertising posters

IMAX Melbourne

The most immersive cinematic experience in the world.

Girls looking into case

The Melbourne Story

An exhibition packed with icons of the city's past and present.

Trees and mist

Forest Secrets

Walk through a stand of Victoria's mountain forests in the middle of the city.

Visitor in front of butterfly display at the entrance to Bugs Alive exhibition

Bugs Alive!

The amazing world of insects and spiders!

Protoceratops andrewsi (Cretaceous) from the Dinosaur Walk gallery at the Melbourne Museum.

Dinosaur Walk

Walk among skeletons of prehistoric animals.

Crinoid fossils and models

600 Million Years

The origin and evolution of life in Victoria.

Horse Phar Lap on display in the Melbourne Story gallery

Phar Lap

Australia's greatest racehorse.

A child looking at Earth globe display

Dynamic Earth

A brilliant, immersive exhibition about our ever-changing Earth.


Bite-Sized Science

Join us for Bite-Sized Science on Saturday mornings to hear and learn more about our world!

Illustration of two children peering from foliage. One is holding a book and the other a magnifying glass. There dinosaur track in front of them

Story Seekers

Every object tells a story; which will you uncover today?


The Promising Rise of Robotics

How will innovations in robotics and automation research impact our lives and work in the future? Hear about the latest developments from industry leaders.

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