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Revolutions: Records and Rebels exhibition showcase

Revolutions: Records and Rebels

Revolutions: Records and Rebels looks at the late 1960s as a moment when youth culture drove optimistic idealism, motivating people to come together and question the establishment across every area of society.

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Digital image of a close up detail of part of a watercolour painting by John Wolseley. The artwork is titled Distant glimpses of the great floodplain seen through a veil of trees and hanging vines and was painted by John Wolseley in 2017. The artwork has been painted using watercolour paints on cream coloured paper; the colours of the paint are soft tones of browns and blues. The close up focuses on djalkurrk, the Yolgŋu name for a nodding swamp orchid (Geodorum densiflorum).

Miḏawarr: Harvest

Miḏawarr means 'harvest' in the Yolηu matha (language); it is the season when rich plant life on Yolηu country is ready to be collected and prepared.

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Woman wearing an orange pleaded dress

Talking About A Revolution with Ecca Vandal

A series of intimate evenings of music and conversation, inspired by our latest blockbuster exhibition, Revolutions: Records to Rebels.

Nocturnal crowd

Nocturnal x NAIDOC Week

Nocturnal proudly celebrates NAIDOC Week with a Bad Apples Music takeover featuring: Briggs, Alice Skye and Soju-Gang

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yellow coloured image of microbes

Gut Feelings

Microbes in your gut talk to your brain and body. Your microbes are beautiful. Be immersed. Be curious. Love your guts. 

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Group photograph of friends

Refugees, Museums and the Digital Diaspora

Discover how social media is connecting refugees - and learn about its impact on Museums Victoria’s engagement with refugee culture and collections.

A crowd gathered outside the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen in Bennett's Lane, Melbourne.

The History of Money: Part 3 The Welfare State

Join us for the final talk of our discovery debate series Money, Trade and the Human Experience.

Top Designs 2019

Top Designs 2019

Glimpse into the future of Australian design when Melbourne Museum showcases the work of outstanding VCE and VET design students.

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Artwork by Brendan Kennedy

River of Language

ngulu wurneet, galada-al wurrung-u, parniwaru tyalingi, waran woorroong-ee, barringgi dyaling.

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Brother and sister participating in ochre painting activity during NAIDOC week at Melbourne Museum.

School holiday activities

Celebrate NAIDOC Week during the Winter School Holidays at Bunjilaka Aboriginal Centre, Melbourne Museum.

Twenty faceted forsterite specimens in a range of green and yellow hues.

Sunday Family Program: Kaleidoscope Gems

Be inspired by the Dynamic Earth exhibition and make your very own kaleidoscope to take home.

Face of man with large fossilised shell specimen being held in front.

Meet the Museum Experts: Palaeontology

Ever wondered what do Museum staff do? Ever pondered what's behind closed doors?

Woman giving a presentation

Museum Lectures

Come on a journey of discovery with a program of talks.

Child touching mineral on display in Children's Museum.

Museum Playdates

Come and play in our newest program for 3 to 5 year olds.

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Inside 'Swinging London', Revolutions Records and Rebels.

Music, Sex & Politics: The Revolution Continues

You say you want one, but did we have one? (A local revolution that is.)


First Peoples Tour

Enjoy a guided tour of the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre at Melbourne Museum and experience the vibrant cultures of Indigenous Australia

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Girl and her mother looking out the windows of a pretend train

Children's Gallery

A wondrous place for babies to 5-year-olds to explore, play and learn.

A mother and son are sitting in a beanbag reading a book

Hello Possums Story Time

Join your friends for Hello Possums Story Time in the Pauline Gandel Children's Gallery at Melbourne Museum.


Members Back of House Tours

Get behind the locked doors and meet our inspiring staff and get closer to our collection.

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Children's Palaeontology Tour

On this tour you will discover all things dinosaur at the Palaeontology Store these school holidays.

Children's Live Exhibits Tour

Ever wondered who looks after all the live plant and animal displays at Melbourne Museum?

Illustration of two scientists looking at microbes projected onto a screen

Sunday Family Program: The Great Gut Microbe Hunt

We're going on a Microbe Hunt!

Exhibition entry with visitors looking at language map

First Peoples

Celebrating the history, culture, achievements and survival of Victoria’s Aboriginal people. 

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Melbourne Rare Book Week

Melbourne Rare Book Week

Join us for a series of expert talks as Melbourne Rare Book Week celebrates it's eighth year. 

A row of old, leather-bound books with some visible damage.

Ten Enemies of Books

Join conservator Alice Cannon for a contemplation on how books can be lost, destroyed, damaged and saved.

Three small birds with black and yellow feathers, and a pink breast. Two birds are perched on leafy branches while one flies above.

The Birdman and the Museum

This show-and-tell offers a unique insight into the relationship between Museums Victoria and the renowned ornithologist and publisher, John Gould, through rarely seen items from the library and archives.


Theft from Collecting Institutions

Join one of our experts to hear about astonishing histories of thefts from major Australian cultural institutions that have occurred across their histories, including thefts of valuable rare books.

Two students using virtual reality googles to experience a road trip from the past to the future of travel in Victoria.

Road to Zero experience

The world’s first immersive experience that explores a future free from deaths and serious injuries on our roads.


Promoting Rare Books & Special Collections

Three library experts discuss their experiences in marketing and promotion of rare books.


Milarri Garden trail

Explore Bunjilaka's beautiful Indigenous garden.

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Direct your own TV ad

Direct Your Own TV Ad

This school holidays, create your own road safety commercial

Close-up shot of hands weaver a disc of natural fibre

Young Blak Professionals Working in GLAM Industries

Join us as our speakers explores what it means to be young and Blak working in the GLAM Sector

Museum staff showing fossils to a girl during Science on Show in Melbourne Museum.

National Science Week

From the human mouth to the deep sea, we explore life in some unlikely places.

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Science at the Extreme

National Science Week Public Launch: Science at the Extreme

Join us for the public launch of National Science Week 2019 at Melbourne Museum.

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Tilly Sunners-Gormley. Child wearing a doctor's costume reading a book in Children's Gallery at Melbourne Museum

Museum Stories

Immerse yourself in an interactive story time, then join us on an adventure to explore a museum gallery or space, with a different museum theme every day.

Black and white image of children in a bark canoe

Lost in Translation

Discover this amazing story of cross-cultural knowledge exchange between the museum and the Yaghan community in South America.

Detail of zinc etching


An etched zinc wall that spans the north wall of Birrarung Gallery and surrounds the entry to First Peoples

display Bunjilaka
White Night 2017

White Night 2019

As the city comes alive with a three night celebration of culture and creativity, start your family adventuring early in your favourite Melbourne Museum spaces.

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Advertising posters

IMAX Melbourne

The most immersive cinematic experience in the world.


Before Hours Tour

Join an early morning, small group tour of Melbourne Museum before it opens

Visitors viewing a showcase


Over 600 birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians from around the world.

Visiting children examining Inostrancevia skeleton in the Dinosaur Walk exhibition.

Dinosaur Walk

Walk among skeletons of prehistoric animals.

Girls looking into case

The Melbourne Story

An exhibition packed with icons of the city's past and present.

Woman talking to a crowd about the eels in the pond

Eel feeding

Watch a writhing mass of hungry eels gobble up their lunch!

talk Bunjilaka
Trees and mist

Forest Secrets

Walk through a stand of Victoria's mountain forests in the middle of the city.

Visitor in front of butterfly display at the entrance to Bugs Alive exhibition

Bugs Alive!

The amazing world of insects and spiders!


Melbourne Museum Tours

Enrich your visit to Melbourne Museum with a small group guided tour.

Collection manager Bentley Bird checking drawers with eggs during collection audit in Ornithology store.


A place for visitors to meet staff and find answers relating to the research, collections and the work of Museums Victoria. 

Crinoid fossils and models

600 Million Years

The origin and evolution of life in Victoria.

stuffed birds in showcase

Darwin to DNA

The processes and mechanisms of evolution.

four people standing amongst rocks and grass

Highlights tour

Introduction to the museum's displays.


The Mind

Think about the workings of your own mind and the minds of others.

Horse Phar Lap on display in the Melbourne Story gallery

Phar Lap

Australia's greatest racehorse.

External view of Royal Exhibition Building from Nicholson Street

Royal Exhibition Building Tours

Discover the history and beauty of this magnificently restored building.

Various sails within Te Pasifika gallery

Te Vainui O Pasifika

Watercraft and other objects from nearly every Pacific Island nation.

A child looking at Earth globe display

Dynamic Earth

A brilliant, immersive exhibition about our ever-changing Earth.

Front view of mounted display shark

Marine Life

Dramatic underwater footage, vivid photographs and rare specimens bring Victoria’s marine animals to life.

Close up of a plate of gourmet food

Museum Market Pop-Up Restaurant

Enjoy a glass of wine, coffee and lunch at Melbourne Museum’s Pop-Up Restaurant in May, overlooking the stunning Royal Exhibition Building.

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Illustration of a prehistoric animal

Australian Academy of Science Boden Research Conference

This two-and-a-half-day symposium will bring together top Australian and international scientists, students, and early career researchers to explore the techniques for reconstructing evolutionary transformations in vertebrate history.

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