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Child in front of a model mantis

Bug Lab

Zoom in on the evolutionary genius of bugs and discover how humans are using bugs as inspiration for new technologies.

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Bill Onus, President of the Victorian Aborigines' Advancement League, May 1967

Ganbu Yalingbu. Ngulu-Bulok.

Celebrating a major turning point in Australian history, Bunjilaka presents an exhibition marking the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum. This collection of work by local Koorie artists reflects on a national movement united for Aboriginal Human Rights.

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Museum Inside Out

A love song to arouse the secret worlds of a curious collection

Crowd in red light


Coming up in October: Slum Sociable, Fortunes. & Myles Mac.

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Yoga pose with a dinosaur

Museum Moves

Wake up with the museum in this highly original event!

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Exhibition entry with visitors looking at language map

First Peoples

Celebrating the history, culture, achievements and survival of Victoria’s Aboriginal people. 

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Young boy holding a craft project made from paper

School holiday activities

This spring we'll be exploring the world of Bugs. Make a bug, see a bug, be a bug.

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Polyglot Theatre's Ants

Ants and children in the museum. Who knows what will happen?

Ant Antennae

Make your own ant antennae to wear and join the Polyglot Theatre's Ants performance.

A group of people in two wooden boats at sunset.

a Bit na Ta

A contemporary soundscape exploring the hundred years leading to Papua New Guinea’s independence. 

exhibition Bunjilaka

Stick Insect Egg Sorting

Try your hand at finding and sorting out stick insect eggs.


The largest collection of Viking artefacts ever displayed in Australia.

Design work by Emma Lucas, Canterbury Girls' Secondary College

Top Designs 2018

A sneak peek at the future of Australian design.


Hidden Histories

This year on Remembrance day Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre will be highlighting the too often forgotten and ignored histories of the Homeland Wars between Victoria’s First Peoples and its settlers and the brutal massacres that occurred throughout Victoria.

talk Bunjilaka
Aywon fashion display, Myer Window 1960s

You Can't Do That

A celebration of Melbourne fashion designers, models and industry luminaries from the 1960s to today.

Boy seat in amphitheatre of people

Members Family Day

Celebrate Museum Members Family Day by bringing your non-member family or friends - free!

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Woman on 1920s farm milking cow, with another cow adjacent

Invisible Farmer Pop-Up Display

Explore objects and interviews from the nation-wide project mapping the diverse, innovative and vital role of women in Australian agriculture.

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Women’s Law (artwork) by Vicki Couzens

Serpent Dreaming Women

Watch as performers weave between past, present and future creatively addressing the constraints, challenges and controls in women's lives in a process of decolonisation.

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Woman and child looking into a tray of toys and natural objects

Romp and Stomp 2017

A special event for children five years old and under to celebrate Children’s Week at Melbourne Museum.

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Ailhouette of a group of people

Australian of the Year 2017

Features personal objects selected by the award winners that have valued significance to them, communicating something special about their lives and experiences.

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Detail of astronomical slide

The astronomical lantern slide

This talk traces the development of the astronomical lantern set and its use in Australia, with a focus on the cultural interpretations of popular astronomy. 

Comic superhero

Comics and Superheros

In celebration of the First Peoples Marramb-ik exhibition in the Birrarung Gallery join us and comic artist Michael Camilleri and spend the day learning the skills to create your own comic strip about a superhero that you love. 

activity Bunjilaka
Nesting hollow in tree. Location: Australia, Victoria, Gippsland Lakes, Mitchell River National Park, Den of Nargun.

Hello Hollow

Who lives in your hollow tree? A bat? Bird? Possum? Glider?

Shelving in a collection store

Curatorial Conversations

Humanities curators reveal some of the rich and remarkable stories behind recent acquisitions.

Deaf interpreter on stage

Vicdeaf Family Day

Join us for a fun family afternoon of entertainment for everyone.

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Comic superhero

Marramb-ik (I Am)

An exhibition of storytelling through comic pop culture incorporating identity, heroes and language.

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Girl and her mother looking out the windows of a pretend train

Children's Gallery

A wondrous place for babies to 5-year-olds where children will explore, play and learn.

Visitor in front of butterfly display at the entrance to Bugs Alive exhibition

Bugs Alive!

The amazing world of insects and spiders!

Visitors viewing a showcase


Over 600 birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians from around the world.


Milarri Garden trail

Explore Bunjilaka's beautiful Indigenous garden.

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Visiting children examining Inostrancevia skeleton in the Dinosaur Walk exhibition.

Dinosaur Walk

Walk among skeletons of prehistoric animals.

Crinoid fossils and models

600 Million Years

The origin and evolution of life in Victoria.


IMAX Melbourne

The most immersive cinematic experience in the world.

Detail of zinc etching


An etched zinc wall that spans the north wall of Birrarung Gallery and surrounds the entry to First Peoples

display Bunjilaka
Black and white photography of two men and two women outside a tent

WWI: Love & Sorrow

One of the world's most destructive conflicts recalled through the experiences of eight people.

Girls looking into case

The Melbourne Story

An exhibition packed with icons of the city's past and present.

Trees and mist

Forest Secrets

Walk through a stand of Victoria's mountain forests in the middle of the city.

Boy opening a drawer

Discovery Centre

A fun place to learn about interesting stuff.

stuffed birds in showcase

Darwin to DNA

The processes and mechanisms of evolution.

A child looking at Earth globe display

Dynamic Earth

A brilliant, immersive exhibition about our ever-changing Earth.

Front view of mounted display shark

Marine Life

Dramatic underwater footage, vivid photographs and rare specimens bring Victoria’s marine animals to life.

Various sails within Te Pasifika gallery

Te Vainui O Pasifika

Watercraft and other objects from nearly every Pacific Island nation.

Shelving in a collection store

History, Culture and Collections

Monthly lecture series presented by Museums Victoria's Humanities Department.

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The Mind

Think about the workings of your own mind and the minds of others.

Horse Phar Lap on display in the Melbourne Story gallery

Phar Lap

Australia's greatest racehorse.

four people standing amongst rocks and grass

Highlights tour

Introduction to the museum's displays.

External view of Royal Exhibition Building from Nicholson Street

Royal Exhibition Building Tours

Discover the history and beauty of this magnificently restored building.


Museum Members

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