Wall and floor projections in the Learning Lab showcase. Wall and floor projections in the Learning Lab showcase.

River Connections

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Come on a journey which celebrates the life of Victoria’s river environments.

River Connections is an immersive projection experience made in collaboration with First Peoples community members exploring their close connections to the land, animals, plants and rivers of Victoria.

The five-minute experience takes audiences on a journey through the unique environment of the Murray River. It explores how all life is connected and dependent on a healthy environment to thrive, however overuse of the waterways and pollution from human activities put this at risk.

Each scene, image and sound, as well as the overall structure, was developed through a consultative and collaborative process of Deep Listening sessions and visiting Elders on Country.

This inspiring infinity projection of a beautiful river environment reminds viewers that we are all part of a dynamic web of life.

Created by Grumpy Sailor and Museums Victoria in collaboration with First Peoples Elders and artists Larry Walsh, Esther Kirby, Brendan Kennedy and Consultant Curator, Genevieve Grieves. Voiceover by Esther Kirby.


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