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Explore Melbourne Museum through mini-websites, audio tours and virtual tours on Google Maps.

Coloured illustration of leaves, flowers and pods on a black background

Top Designs 2020

Featuring a selection of Victoria’s most talented VCE students from 2019, Top Designs celebrates its 20th anniversary at Melbourne Museum.

The Listies

The Listies totally serious 100% fact filled guide to the Melbourne Museum

The Listies take you on a LOLtastic tour of Melbourne Museum to see shark dentists, dinosaur salesmen and the insect Oscars!

Exhibition entry with visitors looking at language map

First Peoples

First Peoples tells the story of Aboriginal Victoria from the time of Creation to today. Explore the galleries within Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

Dinosaur skull cast

Dinosaur Walk

The Dinosaur Walk exhibition brings dinosaurs, pterosaurs and megafauna to life. Learn about the 17 skeletons of prehistoric animals on display!

A woman and 2 children pointing at a large screen

Dynamic Earth

Uncover the story of our planet. Dynamic Earth is a stunning exhibition that uses thousands of minerals to tell the story of our ever-changing planet.


The Plants of Milarri Garden

Milarri Garden, located within Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre, is planted with native flora significant to the Aboriginal people of south-eastern Australia.

Cable Tram

Marvellous Melbourne

Melbourne is a young city by world standards, but it has layers of history. Discover how each era shaped the city we see today.

Trees in Toolangi State Forest

Forest Secrets

At the heart of the museum is a piece of Victoria's mountain landscape with tall eucalypts, ferns, rare plants and wildlife. Delve in to the secrets of our Forest Galley.

Front view of mounted display shark

Marine Life

Accompanied by brilliant photos, underwater footage and rare specimens, museum scientists show you the wonderful life of marine Victoria.

Horse Phar Lap on display in the Melbourne Story gallery

Phar Lap: A true legend

More than 80 years after he first went on display, Phar Lap remains our most popular exhibit.

Entrance to the Bugs Alive exhibit in the Science and Life Gallery.

Bugs Alive!

In Bugs Alive! you'll see, hear and smell the world of insects, spiders, snails and other invertebrates.

Head and skin detail of Qantassaurus animatronic dinosaur

600 Million Years

The origin of life in Victoria told through fossils, models, animatronics and animations.

Skull display in Darwin to DNA exhibition

Darwin to DNA

Darwin to DNA shows the roles of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace in developing the theory of evolution.

Doll's House - F.A. Clemons, 'Pendle Hall', 1940s.

Mini Mega Model Museum

Discover more than 300 astounding models from the museum's collection: zoomed-in, miniature, life-sized and everything in between.

View of the Wild Amazing Animals exhibition, worldwide environments.

Wild: Amazing animals in a changing world

The Wild exhibition at Melbourne Museum was home to more than 1000 animals from around the world. The exhibition has closed but you can still take a virtual tour.

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