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We’ve turned some of our much loved collection items, museum galleries and iconic buildings into puzzles. 

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Pendle Hall Dolls House

Pendle Hall is a 21-room, fully-furnished dolls' house, representing a typical English country house of the Georgian period that would have been built around 1740. It was designed and decorated by Felicity Clemons over a forty year period, and each piece of furniture and fixture was handmade by her. Pendle Hall can be found in the Mini Mega Model Museum exhibition at Melbourne Museum.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)


Erythrite is a distinctively purpleish-pink mineral. It gets its name from the Greek "erythros" meaning red because of its colour.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)

Bookplate 8 from ‘A Monograph of the Ramphastidae or Family of Toucans’ (2nd ed.), by John Gould (1854.)

John Gould’s lithographs are famous for their ornithological precision portrayed with incredible beauty. The resplendent toucan (ramphastos tucanus cuvieri) is inquisitive, yet confident, perched on a branch surveying its surrounds. This print is available to purchase online from the Museums Victoria Store.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)

Tarbosaurus Bataar in Dinosaur Walk

Located in our much loved Dinosaur Walk, this Tarbosaurus Bataar is a large carnivorous theropod dinosaur from Central Asia and nearly as large as T. rex.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)

Royal Exhibition Building

Built in 1879 to host Victoria's first international exhibition, the Royal Exhibition Building has played a significant role in the political, cultural, economic and social history of Australia.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)

Phar Lap

The Melbourne Museum has been the home of Phar Lap, since his mounted hide first went on permanent display in January 1933. He immediately became one of the museum's most popular exhibits and has continued to draw the fascination of visitors over the decades since, becoming one of the most significant historical icons in any Australian Museum.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)

Gold nugget

A gold nugget specimen found in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)

John Gould print: Western Grey Kangaroo, Macropus fuliginosus (formally known as Macropus ocydromus)

The Bird Man', Englishman John Gould was an apprenticed gardener who became a taxidermist, natural history dealer, accomplished author and ornithologist. A prolific writer, he published numerous scientific articles and 43 volumes of natural history. These were lavishly illustrated with 3100 hand-coloured lithographs. Gould's wife, Elizabeth, prepared the initial sketches and then transferred them to stone engravings. She also completed the initial hand-colourings.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)

Invitation - Opening of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, Melbourne, 1901

Framed coloured invitation to Mr Richard Frederich Toutcher M.L.A. and Mrs Toutcher to witness the opening of the Parliament of the Commonwealth by the Prime Minister Edmund Barton on 9 May 1901.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)

Vase - Glass, Compagnia Venezia-Murano, Venice, Italy, circa 1880

Blown-glass vase of cobalt blue glass from the John Twycross Melbourne International Exhibitions Collection. A remarkable snapshot of late 19th century taste and style, the collection includes examples of decorative, functional, and novelty objects and works of art exhibited in the Austro-Hungarian, British, German, Italian, Japanese, British Indian, and Minor Courts.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)


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