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Dynamic Earth

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$0 to $15

Learn about the Earth's structure from hundreds of specimens from Museum Victoria's geological collections. You'll see rare and beautiful minerals, giant crystals, uncut diamonds and gold nuggets and understand the conditions under which they formed. Some of them even glow in the dark! Marvel at the little pieces of space that come to us, including meteorites from Mars and the Moon, and map the 177 craters and impact sites across the globe.

You'll see evidence of the powerful forces that shape our Earth—immense heat and pressure that transforms rocks, tectonic plate movement that lifts mountains, and ice, wind and water that shape its surface. Investigate the many ways that humans use the Earth's rock and mineral resources, from Aboriginal ochres and tools to the metals in your home.

You can touch ropey lava from Hawaii and the floor of an ocean from 2.5 billion years ago. Stand within AVIE, an interactive 3D cinema, to see how magma flows in subterranean tunnels or hurtles out of volcanoes. Step on the scale to calculate how much you'd be worth if you were made from gold.

This brilliant and immersive exhibition will have you thinking about the ever-changing Earth beneath your feet.


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