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Dinosaur Walk



Science and Life Gallery
Melbourne Museum
11 Nicholson Street
Carlton, Victoria, 3053
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Skeletons of 17 prehistoric animals parade through the centre of this soaring exhibition: ten dinosaurs, three pterosaurs, one mammal-like reptile and Australian megafauna.

Duck beneath the belly of a massive Mamenchisaurus as long as a house. Stand eye-to-eye socket with a curious Amargasaurus while above you, Quetzalcoatlus flies as big as a small aeroplane. See record-breaking megafauna from the Ice Age such as Diprotodon, the world’s largest marsupial, and Megalania, Australia’s largest lizard.

Animated reconstructions show how these animals lived, fought, reproduced and died millions of years ago. You can touch dinosaur teeth to understand what they ate and feel a thigh bone from a 25-tonne sauropod. Walk around, under and through the skeletons and learn about their lives from the scientists who study them.