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Digital art class



Melbourne Museum
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Inspired by nature

Tap into the unlimited inspiration of the natural textures, colours and forms to be found in Museum Victoria’s diverse collection.

Whether you are a beginner, expert or somewhere in between this creative studio class introduces digital art technologies and skills in a relaxed environment. Participants create extraordinary artworks, both working individually on iPads and adding to a shared virtual reality scene. Exploratory approaches allow participants to enjoy visual creativity, whatever their previous experience and level of skill in sketching, painting and digital design.

Digital Art Class runs on the third Tuesday of each month and takes place in Melbourne Museum’s Learning Lab Studio. Each art class is themed to explore a different aspect of Museums Victoria’s collections.

Simply bring your creativity – all equipment is provided.


All sessions run from 6pm–8pm.

Birds of a feather | Tuesday 17 March

Why are birds colourful? What can a feather reveal? In this session we will look more closely at birds and how to depict their life and beauty.

Patterns that dance | Tuesday 14 April

Handmade and natural patterns from the museum’s collections provide the starting point for creative combinations.

Taxidermy old and new | Tuesday 19 May

The best taxidermy captures the feeling of the living creature. Accept the challenge of depicting these silent models as we stare them in the eye.

All that glistens, is not gold | Tuesday 16 June

We love shiny things! Discover some intriguing golden items in the museum collections to spark creative genius.

Captured! | Tuesday 14 July

How did these crazy objects get to be in the museum’s collection? Capture them to take home in the form of a picture.

Life and death | Tuesday 18 August

Traditional still-life paintings of fruit and flowers turned their short-lived beauty into lasting artworks. In this session museum objects will prompt us to think about life and its end with a sense of curiosity.  

Woven, fabrics of life | Tuesday 15 September

Baskets, nets, nests and cloth are the stars of the show as we look at all things woven as inspiration for digital creations. 

Camouflage | Tuesday 13 October

Subtle, beautiful and unexpected examples of camouflage will provide diverse starting points for digital artworks.

Butterflies, beetles and bees | Tuesday 17 November

These little critters show us how evolution plays with colour and pattern in so many dazzling ways.

Visual feast  | Tuesday 15 December

Relax and feast your eyes on the diverse inspirations offered by food and celebrations in the lead-up to the festive season.



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