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Te Vainui O Pasifika



Te Pasifika Gallery
Melbourne Museum
11 Nicholson Street
Carlton, Victoria, 3053
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Welcome to Te Vainui O Pasifika the great waters of the Pacific peoples.

This exhibition represents the spaces below, on and above the ocean, and showcases treasures from across the Pacific.

Start your journey below the waters via the First Peoples gallery. Take a moment to acknowledge the customary land of the traditional owners and then enter into our light filled gallery.

 Hear the sounds of the sea and village life. See finely carved treasures and meet ancestors from nations including Fiji, the Cook Islands, Niue, the Solomon Islands and Aotearoa (New Zealand). Walk underneath exquisite canoes from Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Niue and the Marquesas Islands.

Climb the steps and break through the surface of the water. Gaze up at the life-size crab claw sails created by the Victorian Pacific Island Council and community, which contain motifs of Melanesia in the north east, Micronesia in the North and Polynesia in the South East.

This exhibition was developed in collaboration with our Pacific Island Advisory Group and community members in 1997 and opened with Melbourne Museum in 2001.

We are presently redeveloping the gallery in collaboration with Victoria’s Pacific Community and Pacific knowledge holders from Australia, New Zealand and the wider region. If you would like to know more about the redevelopment please email the team at [email protected]