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Making history


Years 5-12
Terms 1-4  Monday–Friday

The Arts, English, Languages, The Humanities, Technology

School programs and resources

Research, create, share

Through Making History students will be able to research, create and share short three-minute family and community histories. This is an online resource which can be used as a program in the classroom by teachers.

Online resources support student research, from how to conduct oral history interviews to collections online and other links to source material. You can access expert advice from historians and museum staff by watching the short videos. Students are encouraged to make use of their own footage and archival material, constructing a digital historical narrative.

Making History is organised around four themes:

  • Cultural Identity
  • The Family Album
  • World Events, Local Impacts
  • Living with Natural Disasters.

Visit Making History online.

Curriculum links

  • Humanities: History Level 5–10
  • VCE History Unit 1–2
  • Civics and Citizenship Level 5–10
  • Humanities: Geography Level 5–10
  • English: Level 5–10
  • Arts: Creating and Making Level 5–10