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A list of useful websites to support your students learning in the classroom or at one of our museums.

Untold Education Project

Invisible Farmer is the largest ever study of Australian women on the land. This website provides resources for teachers in Australian schools who might be interested in contributing to that research. 

Orange seastar on a rock

Little Science

F–2 Science

Biological, physical and earth & space sciences for early learners.

History Skills

Year 9 & 10 History

Conducting historical inquiry related to Australian History.

Two men, one woman and two girls in winter coats walking along a gravel path in a park. All are wearing hats.

Making History

Research, create and share your own family or community history.

Detail of a quilt made in 1843

Small Object Big Story

This structured guide outlines a framework to research family or community history and share it through exhibition or publication.

Suitcase with objects

What's Your Story?


This resource supports the use of the What's Your Story? learning kit in the classroom.

Black and white family portrait

Immigrant Stories

Each immigrant has their own unique story to tell. This website explores why they came, where they settled and how they started a new life in Victoria.

Men Posing With Gold Trophy Outside the Long Tunnel Mine, Walhalla, Victoria, circa 1875.

Immigration to Victoria

A decade by decade overview highlighting policy and social developments, shifts in population and demographics, and immigration's impact upon Indigenous Australians.

Journeys to Australia

Immigration is a vital feature of Australia's history and national identity. Celebrate the journeys that changed Australia forever.

Dinosaur skull cast

Dinosaur Walk

This website can be used as a teaching resource before and after a school excursion to the  Dinosaur Walk exhibition at Melbourne Museum.

 Portrait of a woman in a Melbourne street


Yours, mine, ours: Who we are, who others think we are, and what it means to belong and not belong in Australia.

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