Little Science

This collection of teacher support and student resources will assist early learners in exploring scientific concepts and developing an understanding of biology, physics and earth and space.

These resources support the implementation of ICT in the classroom for the teaching of early years science. They are designed to be flexible in their use, adaptable for different devices and purposes.

Teacher support

Watch: resource overview, classroom implementation and teacher reflection videos

An adult butterfly

Teacher support materials

An outline of the resources supporting early years science and support materials for biology, physics and earth and space.

A child using a wrench

Curriculum links

A table mapping student resources against the Australian Curriculum: Science.


Student resources

Watch: Hungry bugs

Living things have basic needs! These videos show how bugs handle their prey.

Watch: Day and night

Dr Tanya Hill, astronomer, explains why we experience day and night.

Watch: Moon and stars

Dr Tanya Hill, astronomer, explains changes in the sky and the star patterns.

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