Stick Insect family album

A story about stick insects

An illustration of stick insect group with all life stages together, egg in crib, nymphs at two sizes, adult male and female.
Illustration by Sharyn Madder

Mum and the kids

Female stick insects can lay hundreds of eggs in their lifetime.

An illustration of an adult female and hundreds of eggs
Illustration by Sharyn Madder

Now I’ve grown bigger I can eat big leathery leaves

When they are young stick insects can only eat the soft new leaves.

An illustration of a stick insect in a tree eating leaves
Illustration by Sharyn Madder

Get-together with the relatives

Australia has 150 species of stick and leaf insects.

An illustration of a group of stick insects of different species
Illustration by Sharyn Madder

My new outfit

Like all insects, stick insects must shed their skin to grow.

An illustration of a stick insect nymph with cast off skin (slough) on ground next to it
Illustration by Sharyn Madder

Billy comes of age – now he can fly!

A stick insect’s wings become fully functional when it reaches adulthood.

An illustration of an adult male with wings extended
Illustration by Sharyn Madder

Phew that was close!

Stick insects rely on camouflage to escape predators.

An illustration of a bird perched on a leafy twig next to motionless stick insect, unaware it is there
Illustration by Sharyn Madder

Baby is off to a flying start

Female stick insects flick their eggs as they are laid.

An illustration of an adult female on treetop twig flicking her eggs from the tip of abdomen
Illustration by Sharyn Madder

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