Ancient Roman Empire

This unit consists of teacher support materials and student resources relevant to the depth study of the Mediterranean world, with a focus on the ancient Roman society, in the Australian Curriculum: History.

These resources support the implementation of ICT in the classroom for the teaching of Year 7 History. They are designed to be flexible in their use, adaptable for different devices and purposes.

Teacher support

Watch: resource overview, classroom implementation and teacher reflection videos

Mosaic depicting a godlike figure surrounded by three children

Teacher guide

An elaboration on student resources and their relevance in addressing the key inquiry questions when studying the ancient Roman Empire.

Section of a Herculaneum street, which is surrounded by volcanic debris

Curriculum links

An overview table showing links between student resources on this site and the content descriptions of the Australian Curriculum: History in Year 7.


Student resources

Four pillars, remnants of the Basilica

Pompeii today

Students examine the importance of conserving the remains of Pompeii.

An illustration of a bath house scene in ancient Pompeii

Public bathing

What does the practice of public bathing tell us about everyday Roman life?

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