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Artist impression of the Ground Up exhibition

Ground Up: Building Big Ideas, Together

Immerse young children in an imaginative world of sensory discovery and construction‐play that will ignite their lifelong engagement with STEM.

Years K-F Self-directed
Child playing with illuminated blocks in an exhibition

Make, Solve, Create

Children join Dot on an adventure, working together to build solutions to the problems she discovers.

Years K-F Self-directed
Gradient of blue and green

Beyond Perception: Seeing the Unseen

This exhibition sparks curiosity and raises questions about the more complex, fascinating corners of Science, Engineering, Mathematics and advanced Technology.

Years 7-12 Self-directed
red light

Invisible light

Give your students an experience in hands on STEM problem solving.

Years 7-11 Museum Staff-led
Two adults and two children looking at an exhibition interactive

Above and Beyond

Explore the future of flight in this interactive STEM exhibition. Students will solve real world problems faced by aerospace engineers.

Years 3-12 Self-directed
Detail of LightTime installation

LightTime for school groups

Enthral your students through the dramatic manipulation of light, colour and shadow.

Years 5-12 Self-directed
Boy, girl and robot outside at night

Planetarium sleepovers

An education program with a difference; sleepover at Scienceworks!

Years F-6 Museum Staff-led
A Scienceworks educator and a young visitor using a Van der Graaf generator

What's with the weather?

Discover how clouds are formed and how they make our most impressive weather phenomenon, lightning!

Years F-2 Museum Staff-led
Image of SkyMapper an automated wide-field survey telescope sited under the dark skies of Siding Spring Observatory near Coonabarabran, in central NSW.

Capturing the Cosmos

An insight into what the new telescopes are finding that will help us better understand our universe.

Years 7-11 Museum Staff-led
Student programming a lego robot.

Introduction to robotics

Start your students down the road to learning through robotics.

Years 3-6 Museum Staff-led
Child using an iPad to program a LEGO robot at Test Lab workshop.

Robots and coding

Learn how to program a Lego Mindstorms robot using a graphical programming language.

Years 6-10 Museum Staff-led
Roller Coaster

Roller coaster engineer

Students become engineers as they design their own marble roller coasters.

Years 3-10 Museum Staff-led
Tow boys working together to construct a vehicle

Design a Martian mover

Students collect inspiration from the Think Ahead exhibition and test their creativity with a hands-on design challenge.

Years 3-6 Museum Staff-led
Girl with hand on Van de Graaff generator

Electrical energy, safety and lightning

Set in our unique Lightning Room; find out about static electricity, electrical energy transformations and electrical safety in the home.

Years 2-6 Museum Staff-led
Lightning demonstration in a theatre

Electricity, magnets and movement

Explore the relationships between electricity, magnets and movement and how they are applied in devices such as generators, electromagnets and electric motors.

Years 5-10 Museum Staff-led
Cartoon dog floating in air on spaceship

Tycho to the Moon

Travel to and explore the Moon with Tycho the dog and then fly off towards the Sun.

Years F-3 Museum Staff-led
Animated boy in a room with a rocket and autumn leaves


Look at the Earth from space and connect the movement of the Earth to the seasons, and the day and night cycle.

Years 3-7 Museum Staff-led
Animation still. Boy standing on a planet

Solar System Odyssey

Explore the similarities and differences between Earth and the other planets in our Solar System.

Years 5-7 Museum Staff-led
Still of a a star from starlight


Uncover the mysteries of the stars in this Planetarium show.

Years 7-11 Museum Staff-led
An illustration from Story in the Stars of an emu, crow and turtle

Stories in the Stars

See the night sky through different eyes, through stories told by the people of north-west Victoria.

Years 5-10 Museum Staff-led
Planet in space

Ticket to the Universe

This 45-minute, presenter-led show gives students a new perspective on the universe and provides an opportunity to appreciate our place in the cosmos.

Years 9-10 Museum Staff-led
Man using dry ice for experiment

Cool stuff

Explore the effects of temperature on solids, liquids and gases using super-cool liquid nitrogen.

Years 3-6 Museum Staff-led
Photograph of the moon above the earth

Earth, Moon and Sun

How do the Moon and Sun influence life on Earth?

Years 3-6 Museum Staff-led
Two girls  participating in the Blast off school programs

Blast off

Find out about the forces involved in getting rockets into space and be involved in modelling these forces.

Years 1-4 Museum Staff-led
Children throwing a beach ball in the air

Toys and forces show

Toys provide an ideal way for young minds to investigate the physical world.

Years F-2 Museum Staff-led
3 girls measuring height in an exhibition

Sporty maths

Students use the Sportsworks exhibition to develop their skills in key areas of mathematics.

Years 4-7 Self-directed
School children inside Pumping Station

Get pumped!

Explore the historic Spotswood Pumping Station, with videos, animations and expert talks on a portable device.

Years 3-10 Self-directed

Think Ahead

Think Ahead looks at the way we imagine the future, through innovations in science, technology, engineering and design.

Years 4-10 Self-directed
Boy racing against Cathy Freeman at Sportsworks

Sportsworks: primary

Stretch your mind and muscles at Sportsworks!

Years F-6 Self-directed
boys using the snowboard interactive

Sportsworks: secondary

Investigate the science of sports, how human bodies work, and design, materials and technologies of sports equipment.

Years 7-10 Self-directed
Still from the Black Holes planetarium show

Black Holes

Black Holes – Journey into the unknown traces the story of black holes, from the 18th century through to their detection almost 200 years later.

Years 9-11 Museum Staff-led

Our Living Climate

The Earth’s climate is alive, changing with the passage of time, seasons, and the ebb and flow of life itself.

Years 5-10 Museum Staff-led
Lighting room in Scienceworks

VCE electricity

Demonstrations of the principles underpinning the Unit 1 Electricity topic, featuring equipment unique to Scienceworks.

Years 11-VCE Museum Staff-led
heat vision image of the universe

Year 11 Physics: the Universe

This program supports year 11 Physics, Area of study 3: “What is matter and how is it formed?”

Year 11 Museum Staff-led
Illustration of a deck on a space craft

The Problem with Pluto

Examine how Pluto is different to the planets and how we define the term 'planet': When is a planet not a planet?

Years 5-7 Museum Staff-led
Visitors watching a Planetarium show

To Space and Back

Discover how space exploration is shaping your world.

Years 5-10 Museum Staff-led
Curator Rebecca Carland presenting rare books at Thinking Without Borders, teacher professional development workshop

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