Moonbase ONE


Years 5-8
Terms 1-4  Monday–Friday

Science, Technology

School programs and resources

This Planetarium show draws attention to our magnificent neighbour, the Moon. How did the Earth end up with such a large Moon?

The show features stunning visualisations of the Moon’s violent formation and captures the achievements of lunar exploration during the Apollo era. Engaging graphics model and demystify natural phenomena such as eclipses and the changing phases of the Moon.

The Moon has a great effect on our planet and very possibly contributed to the development of life here on Earth. Moonbase ONE is an opportunity for students to overcome common misconceptions and see the Moon as part of our culture, our history and our scientific endeavour.

(Narrated by Stephanie Bendixsen (aka ‘Hex’ a former presenter of ABC TV’s Good Game).

Curriculum links

  • Science as a human endeavour Year 5-8
  • Physical sciences  Year 5-6
  • Earth space sciences Year 7-8