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Three paper aeroplanes fly amongst bubbles on a light blue background. There is a pink arch with clouds inside it.
Science is in the air

Air Playground

Prepare to be blown away by this playful journey through six breezy worlds each exploring different concepts of air.

A boy playing with a brightly coloured parachute
Science is in the air

Inflatable Adventure

Bounce, push, squeeze and play with air on our giant inflatable sculpture this summer!

Performer holding a drum with smoke coming from it. The audience is in the background
Science is in the air

Little Kids' Week In: Air Play

Breathe easy at Scienceworks for Little Kids’ Week In, with five whole days celebrating the very air around you

Man with a large bubble. A group of parents and children looking on
Science is in the air

Bubble Mania!

Be amazed as we blow spectacular giant bubble creations across the arena. How many can you pop?

DJ at Scienceworks

Party Beyond x Due West

Party Beyond returns to Scienceworks on 16 November with another stellar local lineup!

special event
Planetarium Nights

Planetarium Nights

Experience the Planetarium after hours for an evening of fully immersive cinema in our new event series especially for adults.

Children roaring next to a large model of a fossil dinosaur jaws.

Little Kids’ Day In: Dino Day

Enjoy a day full of fun dinosaur-themed activities designed for a roaring good time!

People view a planetarium show

Holst's ‘The Planets’

Join the Westgate Concert Band live in the Melbourne Planetarium as they  perform Holst’s ‘The Planets’.

special event
Volunteers and staff with components of the Great Melbourne Telescope set-up at Moreland Annexe.

Great Melbourne Telescope tours

See the impressive 10m high restored telescope skeleton on display for the first time as it celebrates its 150th anniversary.

Child playing with perspex blocks

Museum Members Summer Party

It’s time to celebrate all things summer, members and museums!

special event

The Great Melbourne Telescope - Stories to Celebrate 150 Years

Hear four expert speakers describe the colourful history of this iconic telescope as it celebrates 150 years since its first light.

Woman serving a customer wearing a santa hat and  smiling

Members VIP Shopping Event

We’re inviting you, our Museum Members, to visit and peruse Scienceworks shop in an exclusive morning of shopping.

special event
Museum members participating in the Robots workshop.

STEM Sundays

In pairs of one adult and one child, participants will work together to build skills in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).

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Woman using a garden blower to hold a ball in the air

School holiday activities

Science is in the air this summer with the arrival of our new Air Playground exhibition.

Presenter demonstrating air pressure by sending out a fog ring in an air cannon towards an audience

Blown Away!

Be blown away by our epic air experiments in a 20-minute live show.


STEM Videogame Arcade

Play award winning games by Australia’s emerging designers in the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge

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Deakin Food Futures

Deakin Food Futures citizen science pop-up will be at Scienceworks to tickle your tastebuds during the Summer School Holidays.

Purple-black night sky with bright stars and a white streak across the middle of the image.  Silhouetted mountains at the bottom of the image.

Planetarium Nights: Valentine’s Day

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved one than under the stars?

special event
Lego Robotics and Coding Workshop

Lego robotics and coding workshop

Discover the power of LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 robots and coding in this introductory workshop.

A person’s finger is about to touch a piece of dry alphabet soup. The alphabet soup pieces are connected by wires to a Makey Makey electronic board. The letters spell out “I luv makey makey

Makey Makey workshop

Make and create with Makey Makey® in this introductory workshop.

Two women using a computer tablet to program robots

Beginners Robotics for Adults

Discover how to program robots in this beginner workshop for adults, zero experience required.

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An iPad tablet displaying the ScratchJr app

Storytelling With ScratchJr

ScratchJr is a programming app for tablets, based on Scratch, which allows young children to ease into coding by telling stories with animated characters.

Great Melbourne Telescope at the Melbourne Observatory, 1880’s

Great Melbourne Telescope Restoration

Watch the reconstruction of the iconic Great Melbourne Telescope as it celebrates its 150th anniversary.

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Lunar Base landscape

Moonbase ONE

Come on an amazing adventure as we strive to understand our magnificent neighbour the Moon.

Beyond Perception

Beyond Perception: Seeing the Unseen

Discovering imperceptible worlds through science and technology.

Child between a man and a woman using an exhibition interactive

Ground Up: Building Big Ideas, Together

Get ready to build your curiosity! An exhibition for babies to 5-year-olds.

A lightning strike illuminates the sky near the Thevenard silos at Ceduna, South Australia.

Bolt from the Blue

Explore the remarkable properties and mysteries of lightning.

Child playing with blocks

Little Kids' Day In

Enjoy a day of fun and play-based learning activities without the school groups!

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Entrance to Think Ahead

Think Ahead

What will the future be like?

Two girls using the Cathy Freeman interactive In Sportworks


Stretch your mind and your muscles.

four men in front of a pumping engine

Pumping Station tours

A tour filled with stories of old Melbourne and Victorian engineering feats.

1950s powerboat in the museum's collection store

Collection Store tours

See highlights from our historic collection and discover some of Melbourne’s fascinating past.

screenshot from Solar System Odyssey

Solar System Odyssey

Join Jack Larson on a wild ride through our Solar System as he searches for a new world to call home.

cartoon of a dog in a kennel

Tycho to the Moon

Meet Tycho, a dog who doesn’t just howl at the Moon, but wants to go there.

Disk with jet

Black Holes

Imagine a place where time stands still and the known laws of physics don’t apply.

light with movement


Uncover the mysteries of the stars in this Planetarium show.

girl, robot and boy


When the seasons go crazy Annie and Max must set things right and discover a new angle on the world.

Planet in space

Ticket to the Universe

Take a trip to the far reaches of space, with our Scienceworks presenters as your tour guide.

Stars in the night sky

Capturing the Cosmos

All-sky astronomy is a new way of looking at the sky to better understand our Universe – and it's happening in Australia!

Planetarium Starts
hand overlaid on a night sky illustration

Stories in the Stars

A new way – the oldest way – of looking at the night sky.

Planetarium No upcoming sessions
Four avatars

The Problem with Pluto

When is a planet not a planet?

Planetarium No upcoming sessions

Our Living Climate

A dramatic and different way of looking at our climate.

Planetarium No upcoming sessions