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Children using lego robots

School Holiday Program

We’re getting a buzz out of robots these school holidays!

Online Show

Solar System Tour - Families

This four-part series will take your family on a weekly journey through our Solar System and beyond!


Explore AI

An introductory workshop on machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Born or Built? Our Robotic Future

The line between humans and technology is blurring. What lies ahead for our robotic future?

Planetarium Nights

Planetarium Nights

Experience the Planetarium after hours for an evening of fully immersive cinema especially for adults.


Lights, Energy, Action!

Our brand-new Lightning Room Game Show explores all things energy through three rounds of electrifying demonstrations.

Special event

Little Kids’ Day In – Let's Party!

Are you ready to party, Scienceworks-style?

Girl with her hand on a van graaf

What's with the weather?

A show to introduce young minds to the science behind clouds, storms and lightning

Lunar Base landscape

Moonbase ONE

Come on an amazing adventure as we strive to understand our magnificent neighbour the Moon.

cartoon of a dog in a kennel

Tycho to the Moon

Meet Tycho, a dog who doesn’t just howl at the Moon, but wants to go there.

screenshot from Solar System Odyssey

Solar System Odyssey

Join Jack Larson on a wild ride through our Solar System as he searches for a new world to call home.

light with movement


Uncover the mysteries of the stars in this Planetarium show.

Milky Way arching over Lake Bonney, South Australia.

David Malin 2019 Astrophotography Awards

Spectacular photographs of the night sky from the last 24 months.

Two sets of feet walk along a grass path


Head outside to the Scienceworks Arena to take a meditative stroll through our giant grass labyrint.


The Rainbow Hunt

We've hidden clues around the Scienceworks Arena for you to explore and uncover. Can you collect all the colours and unlock the treasure...?

Beyond Perception

Beyond Perception: Seeing the Unseen

Discovering imperceptible worlds through science and technology.

Child between a man and a woman using an exhibition interactive

Ground Up: Building Big Ideas, Together

Get ready to build your curiosity! An exhibition for babies to 5-year-olds.



Stretch your mind and your muscles.

Entrance to Think Ahead

Think Ahead

What will the future be like?

Special eventUntil

Little Kids’ Day In

Enjoy a day of fun and play-based learning activities without the school groups!

Online Show

Solar System Tour - Adults

This four-part series will take you on a weekly journey through our Solar System and beyond!

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