Winter holidays at home

Join us these holidays for astronomy-themed activities you can do from your own home.

More play activities

Are you ready for more hands-on Museum fun from the comfort of your home? Explore our range of family-friendly activities inspired by items in Museums Victoria's collections and exhibitions!

Make your own ball run!

Why does an apple fall from a tree? Or a spin top spin? Or a ball roll or bounce?

Let's make slime!

Icky yucky sticky disgusting slime! Learn how to use household items to make your own.

Child holding a magnifying glass up to their face

How to make a magnifying glass

Have you ever wondered why things look bigger when you look at them with a magnifying glass? We will show you how to make your own.


Make it melt

Have you been grabbing treats and ingredients out of the freezer? While you’re there why not grab some ice to experiment with?

Why is cake fluffy?

Have you been helping with baking lately? The kitchen is like a home science laboratory where experimentation can happen.


Make magnets at home

Are magnets natural or made by humans? Simon answers this question as he explores some different types of magnets, including lodestones and electromagnets.

Let’s make bubbles

What’s more fun than bubbles? Learn how to use household items to create your own bubble wand!

Scienceworks Lightning Room demonstration with young audience.

Mini lightning and thunder

Lightning strikes around the world about 100 times a second. What is lightning, and where does it come from?

Getting sticky with static

Have you ever received a static shock from jumping on a trampoline? Or touching a door knob? Experiment with static electricity at home!

Port Phillip Bay (?), Victoria, circa 1925.

Make a floating device

Design, build and test your own floating device using creativity, problem solving and a few things from around your house.

A close up view of the moon sculpture, showing craters and other geological features present on the moon surface.

Find the full moon

Full moons only happen once every month! Tonight, why not have a go at our moon activity?

Paper aeroplanes

What makes a paper plane fly better than a piece of paper?

Air cannon instructions

Push and pull with air

Can you move things with air? Learn how to use household items to create your own air cannon!


We’ve turned some of our much loved collection items and galleries into online puzzles.

Night sky, Loch Ard Gorge


Our monthly newsletter describes where to find the brightest planets in the night sky.

The Fact Detectives

From our other museums

Colour in of a kangaroo

River animals

Our First People’s Educator Di-Di Vaha’akolo shares some special drawings from our River of Language exhibition

Unrealistic illustration of a Sea Lion

Drawing creatures

Some of the books in our Museum library feature pictures of strange looking creatures, like sea lions with bushy manes and giant sea serpents. Why is that?

Child recording bird sightings on pad

Backyard Bioblitz

Have you ever wanted to carry out fieldwork like our museum staff? Find out how to do your own Backyard Bioblitz!

How to make a paper rat

What do you know about Australia's fascinating rodents? Let's make a paper rat and find out more about our furry neighbours.

Acknowledgement of Country poster

Learn about National Reconciliation Week by making your own Acknowledgement of Country poster.

Blue banded bee model

Make a blue banded bee model

To celebrate World Bee Day on 20 May, we show you how to build a model of the blue banded bee.

Pteranodon sternbergi


Did you know that the Pterodactyl was not a dinosaur? Invent your very own pterosaur using our activity sheets.

Diplodactylus tessellatus, Tessellated gecko, female with eggs. Location: Australia, Victoria, Gannawarra, Rifle Butt Road. Survey: MEB 2016 022, Field No: GWH007.

Meet a lizard, make a lizard

Step into the garden with Justin to meet someone special and be inspired to create your very own climbing gecko!

Greeting card - Adorkable

Make a card

While we’re in isolation we thought it was the perfect time for sending a personal, handmade card to someone you care about!

Worm on a black background

Creatures from the abyss

Join us on a journey into the deep before you can then download your very own worksheet of abyssal creatures, and create some of your own!


Colour in a dinosaur

We’d love to know what colour you think a dinosaur might be. Can you help us out?

Let's draw an owl

Help out our Ornithologists (a big fancy word for people who study birds) by learning more about the owls that live in Victoria.

Dye your own eggs

Make your own creations inspired by the beautiful egg decorating traditions from Eastern and Mediterranean Europe.

Children participating in the Biostime - Early Learners Space activity at 'Romp and Stomp' 2019, Melbourne Museum.

Ramadan activities for kids

Making and doing is a great way to learn, so we’ve put together some simple activities that the whole family can get involved in throughout Ramadan.

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