The 'Is it cute?' quiz

Are lizards cute? Are pythons cute? Are Hopping Mice cute? You be the judge. Watch the videos and then put your knowledge to the test!

Our Shingleback Lizards, Ned and Tiliqua Sunrise have fallen in love!  Shinglebacks will pick a partner and preferably stick with them for life, making them super cute.

Have you ever met a Hopping Mouse. Our resident rodent expert Kevin Rowe explains what makes these Australian creatures so unique.

Here are our very own resident pythons, Asparagus and Olive from Melbourne Museum. The only question we need answered is, are they cute? 

Now you have watched the videos. Take the quiz.

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Which of these is a native Hopping Mouse?

B is correct, the Hopping Mouse has bigger back legs for hopping. A is a House Mouse. 

Where do Hopping Mice live?

Hopping Mice live in dry environments, not wet environments.

Which of these is a Shingleback Lizard?

A is correct. B is a Blue-tongue Lizard.

Who does a Shingleback Lizard want to live with?

B is correct, Shingleback Lizards will pick a partner and preferably stick with them for life. A is a Wedge-tailed Eagle which preys on the Shingleback Lizard.

Which snake is a python?

A is correct, this is a Carpet Python. B is a Red-bellied Black Snake.

The Museum has a small python named after this.

B is correct. Asparagus was named 'Asparagus' because he was thin and small when he was born. His keepers call him Gus for short.

You scored 6

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