Colour in a dinosaur

We’ve really been missing the dinosaurs since we’ve been working from home. Luckily, the museum has a website dedicated to our dinosaur gallery, with a whole virtual tour you can explore from home.

We’d love to know what colour you think a dinosaur might be. Can you help us out?

  1. Check out the Dinosaur Walk website and choose your favourite dinosaur.
  2. Ask a grown up to help you print your dinosaur's colouring fact sheet and then let your imagination run wild! If you can’t find a printer, you can also trace the activity from a tablet.
  3. If you’re feeling really creative, we’ve also included a link to a hadrosaur hand puppet which you can print and cut out.
  4. Once you’ve finished colouring in your dinosaur, share it with us by tagging @MelbourneMuseum and using the hashtags #MelbourneMuseum #MuseumAtHome

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