Make a model of the lung

Learn how to use household items to make a model of how your lungs work!

Take a deep breath of air. Inhale. Exhale. Our lungs are essential to our health, providing the body with oxygen. This oxygen is delivered around our body through oxygenated blood thanks to our beating heart. Keeping physically active with regular exercise or playing sports is a great way to keep your body happy and healthy.

For this activity, you will need: a knife, scissors, a plastic bottle, two balloons, and an adult to help.

  1. Use a knife to puncture a hole in the side of your bottle, near the bottom. Ask an adult to help you with this step
  2. Using your scissors at the point of puncture, cut horizontally around the bottle, cutting out the bottom.
  3. Insert one of the balloons though the top of your bottle, and stretch the neck of the balloon over the top.
  4. Take the second balloon, cut off the top, tie a knot in the other end, and stretch it across the bottom end of your bottle. Some extra hands will help with this step!
  5. You can now use the ‘diaphragm’ (balloon on the bottom) to pull air into the balloon lung and push air back out.

Your lung model is complete! We would love you to share your lung models with us by using #Scienceworks #MuseumAtHome

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