Meet a lizard, make a lizard

Step into the garden with Justin to meet someone special and be inspired to create your very own climbing gecko!

  1. Cut out and colour the Gecko Climber template. Visit Collections Online for some real life lizard and gecko examples to inspire your colouring.
  2. Glue the front and rear sides of the Gecko together. You may choose to sandwich a piece of card or paper in between for added strength.
  3. Attach two small straws (approximately 4cm each) to the rear side using masking or cellophane tape. These straws should be spaced apart and angled slightly outward at the bottom.
  4. Thread a length of string or yarn downwards through both straws, creating a loop at the Gecko's head and loose ends at the bottom.
  5. Hook this loop around a door knob or other anchor point, then holding the ends of the string, pull each side back and forth.
  6. Watch as your Gecko climbs the wall!

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