Make magnets at home

Are magnets natural or made by humans? Simon answers this question as he explores some different types of magnets, including lodestones and electromagnets.

To make a magnet at home, follow Simon’s instructions in the video - you’ll need a bar magnet, and something made of iron, such as a nail. If you give it a go, we'd love to see the results!

If you’d like to try a different activity to explore magnetism, try going magnet fishing!

  1. Get a stick, some string, and a magnet (you might find one on your fridge)
  2. Use them to make your own magnet fishing rod, and you’re ready to start fishing!
  3. Time to test! Can you find three things in your house that aren’t magnetic? Can you find three things in your house that are magnetic? 

Some of the magnetic things you’ve found might be permanent magnets, and some of them might be things that aren’t normally magnetic, but a magnet will stick to them. These are called ferromagnets, such as scissors or cutlery.

Our Scienceworks challenge to you

Can you find 3 permanent magnets and 3 ferromagnets?

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