Ground Up: Building Big Ideas, Together



2 Booker Street
Spotswood, Victoria, 3015
What's On

A new space for little tinkerers!

Ground Up: Building Big Ideas, Together is a brand new permanent exhibition for babies to five-year-olds where curiosity will be rewarded around each bend with surprising and intriguing sights, sounds and touch sensations.

Future aeronautical engineers will design and construct flying contraptions; little sparks will make patterns and pictures with lights on a giant wall of colourful light-up switches; pint-sized problem solvers will experiment and construct colourful three-dimensional puzzles; and for all the littlies who love to touch and experiment, there will be a giant, colourful car wash to be engineered into action.

In our quieter baby zone, our earliest learners and their carers can lounge within soft forms, gaze at the mirrored reflections and gently turn the wall-spinners to create a cascade of materials within.

Ground Up: Building Big Ideas, Together will immerse young children in an imaginative world of sensory discovery and construction-play that will ignite their lifelong engagement with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Encourage your little learner to think big and nurture their curiosity to set them up with a foundation for future learning. Visit Ground Up: Building Big Ideas, Together and inspire the problem solvers of tomorrow.

Please note: Nitty Gritty Super City is now closed while we make preparations for Ground Up: Building Big Ideas, Together. In the meantime, younger visitors and their families can enjoy our pop-up Little Kids' Corner.


For any enquiries relating to Ground Up: Building Big Ideas, Together please contact our External Relations team.

Deborah Stone, Manager, External Relations
[email protected]
0414 946 489

Anna Quinn, Communications Officer, External Relations
[email protected]
0437 565 300