Capturing the Cosmos


Years 7-11
Terms 1-2 Monday–Friday
Minimum 15 students
Maximum 150 students

Science, Technology

School programs and resources

This Planetarium show highlights current research being carried out by astronomers within Australia. New and innovative telescopes, such as SkyMapper in NSW and the Murchison Wide-field Array in WA, have been designed to survey large sections of the sky. They are finding things we've never seen before and will help us to better understand our universe.

Capturing the Cosmos was produced in partnership with the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-Sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO).

Curriculum links

  • Science as Human Endeavour
  • Earth and Space Sciences
  • Year 11 VCE Physics
    Unit 1: Area of Study 3 - What is matter and how is it formed?
    Unit 2: What are stars and 2.2 Is there life beyond the Solar System?