Senior secondary electrical science


Years 11-VCE
Term 3Wednesday and Friday, 2.30pm only
Minimum 15 students
Maximum 100 students

Science, Technology

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Set in our purpose-built high voltage Lightning Room theatre which features equipment unique to Scienceworks, the Senior Secondary Electrical Science show illustrates concepts including static electricity, the triboelectric series, electromagnetism and an introduction to electrical safety.

Students will explore how current electricity is produced using permanent magnets and coils of wire and how this principle is applied in power stations and electrical devices. They observe how electrical motors transform electrical energy into movement energy and how an electromagnet can be created. The use of electromagnets and their role in electrical safety in household circuits is described.

A lightning demonstration using a two million volt Tesla coil, highlighting safety in electrical storms, is also included as part of this 45-minute presentation.

Curriculum links

  • VCE Unit 1 Physics
  • Year 11 VCAL Electricity
  • VCE VET Electrical Industry