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Beyond Perception: Seeing the Unseen


Years 5-12
Terms 1-4  Monday–Friday
Maximum 60 students

Science, Technology

School programs and resources

Scienceworks has worked with inspiring scientists from Victoria’s top Universities and research institutions to create a ground-breaking, immersive experience that explores the imperceptible worlds of science and technology. This exhibition will allow students to bend the fabric of space-time, immerse themselves in the cacophony of sound and imagery, and hear through their bodies. There are moments of creative discovery, where groups can work together to create turbulent vortices and collaborative light sculptures.

Topics covered in the exhibition include: light and sound, gravitational waves, particle accelerators, microscopic worlds and aerodynamics.

Curriculum links

  • Science as a human endeavour (Year 7-10)
  • Science Inquiry skills (Year 7-10)
  • Chemical Science (Year 7-10)
  • Physical science (Year 7-8)
  • Earth and space science and Earth and Chemical science (Year 9-10)
  • Music and Design technologies (Year 9-10).
  • VCE: Unit 1 What ideas explore the physical world?
  • VCE: Unit 2 What do experiments reveal about the physical world?
  • VCE: Unit 3 How do fields explain motion and electricity?
  • VCE: Unit 4 How can two contradictory models explain both light and matter?