Scribbles animations

Listen in on some great scientists and engineers from across Victoria discussing gravitational waves, sound waves, aerodynamics, and applied science.

These animations are featured in the Beyond Perception exhibition. Subtitles available via the video player's CC or caption toggle button.

Ripples in spacetime

This section is about gravitational waves. There are 5 stories in this playlist, all have captions if you prefer.

What are Gravitational Waves?
Dr. Tanya Hill and Tori Tasker describe gravitational waves.

What do Gravitational Waves do?
Dr. Eric Thrane and Dr. Paul Lasky from Monash University talk about the effects of gravitational waves.

What is LIGO?
Dr. Paul Lasky from Monash University and Dr. Tanya Hill describe LIGO, the incredibly sensitive instrument that detected the first gravitational wave.

Gravitational Wave Detection story
Dr. Eric Thrane and Dr. Paul Lasky from Monash University discuss their involvement in the first detection of gravitational waves.

Neutron Star Merger
Dr. Kendall Ackley describes the 5th detection of gravitational waves, this one from the merging of neutron stars.

Energetic vibrations

This section is about the science of sound. There are 4 stories in this area, all have captions if you prefer.

What is Sound?
Josh and Mitch from Mindbuffer, two musicians, explain the basics of sound.

Dominic Power and Siobhan McGinnity, audiologists from The University of Melbourne, describe the effects of current behaviours environments that can affect our hearing.

Josh and Mitch from Mindbuffer, discuss the nuances of understanding timbre.

Jessica Gouthro, an acoustic engineer from Arup, talks about how environmental sound can impact on learning and health.

Turbulent encounters

This area is about the mystery of turbulence. There are 3 stories in this area, all have captions if you prefer.

Timothy Crouch from the Monash Wind Tunnel talks about the complexity of modelling airflow.

Wobbly Buildings
Professor Sarah Maddison talks about how airflow around a building can have negative and positive effects.

Kellie Johnston, a Boeing engineer, describes how turbulence affects planes.

Waves at work

This area is about scientists' tools to see further than we can by ourselves. There is one story in this area, it has captions if you prefer.

Telescopes and Microscopes
Dr Tanya Hill and Dr Genefor Walker-Smith talk compare the advances in microscopes and telescopes.

Why I became a scientist/engineer

We spoke to some amazing scientists to help inform the content for Beyond Perception. You can hear them talk about why they became a scientist/engineer below. For transcripts, hit the SoundCloud link and read along there.


Here are some of the amazing people we worked with to make this exhibition possible:

Jboard Consultative Committee

Our consultative committee of teens aged 12-16, met with us for two years on a monthly basis to share the teen perspective on preferred types of experiences, content selection, and to test the prototypes as the exhibition took shape.

Tyler Beeche, Thomas Budgen, Rishi Changela, Xavier Cohen, Ethan Crosbie, Shaun Crosbie, Asher Curtain, Daniel Cvetic, Dominic Etchells, Emily Fraser, Murray George,

Benjamin Grant, Scott Gusman, Alyssa Hanson, Emjay Hastwell, Conor Hennessy, Ruby Hennessy, Shaylin Hoang, Finley Hoxley, Kate Irvine-Mckean, Baedan Jackson,

Madison Kapulica, Benjamin Knell, Balla Koko, Tanya Kovacevic, Hugo Marshall, Eilish Mckenzie, Amalija Milat, Alexandria Mozjerin, Felix Pacheco, India Pacheco,

Nicholas Petkov-Gration, Jessica Stone, Ryan Sultana, Luka Tyndale-Biscoe, Julia Wesley, Mariah Whyte

Content Collaborators

We worked with inspiring scientists from across Victoria’s top Universities, research institutions and organisations to unpack the the science and industry topics and stories from the familiar to the newly discovered, which underpin and shape each experience.

Acoustics, Melbourne

  • Jessica Gouthro, Acoustic Engineer

Australian Synchrotron, Clayton

  • Dr Anton Maksimenko, Scientist

Boeing Aerostructures Australia, Port Melbourne

  • Kellie Johnston, Structural Engineer

Deakin University, Geelong

  • Dr Andrew Sullivan, Manager Electron Microscopy, Institute for Frontier Materials
  • Dr Ross Marceau, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Frontier Materials


  • Joshua Batty and Mitchell Nordine: Creative Coders / Digital Anarchists

Monash University, Clayton

  • David Burton, Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Dr Timothy Crouch, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Dr Eric Thrane, Senior Lecturer, School of Physics and Astronomy
  • Dr Paul Lasky, Senior Lecturer, School of Physics and Astronomy
  • Dr Kendall Ackley, Research Fellow, School of Physics and Astronomy

Museums Victoria

  • Dr Tanya Hill, Senior Curator Astronomy, Museums Victoria
  • Dr Christy Hipsley, Research Associate, Museums Victoria
  • Dr Genefor Walker-Smith, Collection Manager, Marine Invertebrates, Museums Victoria

National Space Centre, UK

  • Tori Tasker, Public Programmes Team Leader, Space Communications

OZGRAV, ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery, Hawthorn

  • Dr Yeshe Fenner, Chief Operating Officer
  • Carl Knox, Digital Media and Marketing Officer
  • Mark Myers, Education and Public Outreach Content Developer

Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn

  • Professor Sarah Maddison, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation & Change) and Professor of Astrophysics

RMIT University, Melbourne

  • Brant Gibson, Associate Professor, Physics, School of Science
  • Dr Antony Orth, Research Officer, Centre for Nanoscale Biophotonics
  • Dr Lawrence Harvey, Associate Professor, School of Design

The University of Melbourne, Parkville

  • Dominic Power, Audiologist, Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology
  • Siobhan McGinnity, Audiologist, Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology
  • Dr Ellie Hyun-Jung Cho, Platform Application Specialist, Biological Optical Microscopy Platform
  • Dr Allison Van De Meene, Scientist, School of Biosciences
  • Axel Newton, Scientist, School of Biosciences

Creative Developers

  • Arup Acoustics, Australia – Integrated soundscape design and acoustic engineering
  • Snepo, Sydney – Fluid dynamics and gravitational waves
  • Mindbuffer, Melbourne – Generative audio server, projection mapping & audio visualiser
  • Megafun, Melbourne & ShowWorks, Preston – Mist table and particles case
  • Yukfoo, Auckland – Scribble animations

Scientific Imagery

  • Earth Weather, courtesy

Waves at Work Infinity Images

  • Scanning Electron Microscope:
    • Courtesy Stefan Diller Photography, Germany
    • Courtesy University of Melbourne
  • Crab Nebula – courtesy NASA, ESA, G. Dubner (IAFE, CONICET-University of Buenos Aires) et al.; A. Loll et al.; T. Temim et al.; F. Seward et al.; VLA/NRAO/AUI/NSF; Chandra/CXC; Spitzer/JPL-Caltech; XMM-Newton/ESA; and Hubble/STScI
  • Thylacine – courtesy Museums Victoria / The University of Melbourne
  • Fluorescence Microscopy – courtesy The University of Melbourne
  • Synchrotron visualisations – courtesy Anton Maksimenko, Australian Synchrotron
  • Gigapixel imagery – courtesy Dr Antony Orth, RMIT

Milky Way Images

  • Microwave – courtesy European Space Agency/LFI & HFI Consortia
  • Visible – courtesy Australian Astronomical Observatory
  • H-alpha – courtesy D. Finkbeiner
  • X-ray – courtesy NASA/CXC/UMass/D. Wang et al.
  • Near-infrared – courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA
  • Gamma – courtesy NASA/DOE/Fermi LAT Collaboration

Audience Advice

  • AMAZE – autism friendly design, Carlton
  • Cake Industries Experimental Artists, Scarsdale
  • Digital Storytellers, Footscray
  • Engineers Without Borders, Footscray
  • Epilepsy Action Australia
  • Hobson’s Bay Junior Council, Altona
  • Lauriston Girls School Fablab, Armadale
  • Vicdeaf, East Melbourne
  • Vision Australia, Kooyong
  • Monash University Science Faculty


  • AC Laser Cutting, Thomastown
  • Advatek Lighting, Chirnside Park
  • Alucobond Architectural, Derrimut
  • AllBoard Distributors, Bayswater
  • Allround Glass & Glazing, Abbotsford
  • Aluminium Composite Services, Campbellfield
  • Australian Aluminium Finishing, Dandenong South
  • Bronson Sheetmetal, Hoppers Crossing
  • Cabinet Timbers, Truganina
  • Capral Aluminium, Laverton North
  • Catch Up Productions, Flowerdale
  • Creative Vision Audio, Newport
  • Dec-Rate Painters & Decorators, Essendon
  • Engie Services AV Technology, Mulgrave
  • Godfrey Hirst Carpets, South Geelong
  • Feature Joinery, Greenvale
  • GAAS Furniture, Campbellfield
  • General Laser, Sunshine West
  • Halifax Vogel, Derrimut
  • Hendry Group Building Surveyor, Melbourne
  • Hydrotech Services, Ringwood
  • iCreate Retail Solutions, Knoxfield
  • Image Box, South Melbourne
  • Industrial Art Sign Company, Spotswood
  • Instyle Fabric, Melbourne
  • Joseph’s Workshop – CNC Routing & Laser Cutting, Thomastown
  • JNJ Electrics, Greensborough
  • Mr Powdercoat, Williamstown
  • Nesty’s Floors, Fawkner
  • Pearl Longden Transcriptions, Hampton
  • Regupol Australia, NSW
  • Scorptec Computers, Mulgrave
  • Seen Technology – 3D printing, Port Melbourne
  • Show Works, Preston
  • Soundcorp Pro Audio, South Melbourne
  • Tashco – The Australian Showcase & Hardware Company, Corio
  • Tony Di Berardino, Oak Park
  • Vat Tete Canne, Alphington
  • Walker Fire Protection, Port Melbourne
  • WSP Fire Engineering, Southbank

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