Ground Up: Building Big Ideas, Together


Years K-F
Terms 1-4  Tuesday–Friday
Maximum 33 students

Mathematics, Science, Technology

School programs and resources

Ground Up: Building Big Ideas, Together is a new exhibition designed to foster STEM skills in Kindergarten and Foundation students.

Future aeronautical engineers will design and construct flying contraptions; little sparks will make patterns and pictures with lights on a giant wall of colourful light up switches; pint sized problem solvers will experiment and construct colourful 3-dimensional puzzles and for all the littlies who love to touch and experiment there will be a giant, colourful carwash to be engineered into action.

Curriculum links

Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework

Learning: Children are confident and involved learners

  • Hypothesising, predicting, experimenting and testing through play
  • Reflective thinking – why do things happen and what can I learn from this?
  • Communicate mathematical ideas and concepts

Communication: Children are effective communicators

  • Use vocabulary to describe size, length, volume, capacity and names of numbers
  • Explain mathematical ideas
  • Sort, categorise, order, compare collections and attributes of objects and materials

Victorian Curriculum – Foundation level


  • People use science in their everyday lives
  • The way an object moves depends on size and shape
  • Pose, explore and answer questions
  • Make observations and predictions


  • Sort and classify
  • Copy, continue and create patterns
  • Describe and name familiar shapes

Design and Technologies:

  • Use material, components, tools and equipment to produce designed solutions
  • Evaluate success of design ideas