An immersive next generation digital experience is coming to Melbourne Museum

Learning Lab | Melbourne Museum | Opening February 2020

Melbourne Museum’s Learning Lab is the first of its kind - an interactive digital learning space in a museum. With its opening, a new digital learning vision has emerged.

Around the world, the landscape of learning in museums is currently undergoing a major transformation. People are becoming aware that digital tools and technologies are shaping how we live and learn.

Learning Lab at Melbourne Museum is truly transformative in the way it uses digital technologies to create real and relevant learning experiences. The space demonstrates how museums can challenge the boundaries of museum learning in our digital world.

Melbourne Museum's Learning Lab embodies the amplification of learning in museums as it moderates the intersection between the museum's collection, its stories, digital technologies, 21st-century learning and deep listening. It asks audiences to adapt their role in the world as curious, creative, collaborative and innovative communicators and provides a space that connects audiences with museum collections, trusted digital experts and real-world experiences.

One-third of the space is devoted to a large interactive and immersive projection. This awe-inspiring digital display is malleable allowing creation to take many forms; from a simple presentation, an interactive digital art piece, to a space to share co-created masterpieces and the ability to showcase infinity projections.

River Connections is the first infinity projection developed in consultation with First Peoples advisors and Sydney-based digital designers, Grumpy Sailor.

Infinity projections create the illusion for the viewer that they are going on a journey to another time or space. There is no headset involved, no 3D glasses, no barrier between the audience and the illusion. It is the manipulation of digital art that makes this so ground-breaking.

The space is truly interoperable, hosting innovative co-creative digital workshops for all audiences. It can also be transformed into an exhibition space to showcase digital content at the touch of a button.

When Learning Lab is not hosting one of its co-creative workshops, it will become a permanent exhibition space open to the public from April 2020. On display, there will be various infinity projections including Mindfullness in the rainforest, a 15-minute mindfulness session which transports the viewer to Victoria's Otways Ranges. It will also display a range of stories created from Museums Victoria's collection.

A complete suite of programs has been developed for students, teens, families and adults which is listed below or can be viewed here.

The complete suite of programs:

For school students:

Climate Change and Victoria's future | Years 3 - 6 | 2-hour workshop

Curriculum links: Science, Geography, Digital Technology, Media Arts
The Earth’s climate is changing. Scientific evidence shows us that these changes are happening much faster than they should be!

But, what does this really mean? How do we know? And what can we do about it?

Re-imagining storytelling technologies | Years 5 - 8 | 2-hour workshop

Curriculum links: History, English, Digital Technology, Critical and Creative Thinking
Storytelling makes us human, it is what defines and binds us to our humanity. The art and technologies of storytelling and communication have transformed over time, from the beginnings of rock art to the virtual worlds explored today.

Rockumentary | Years 7 - 10 | 2-hour workshop

Curriculum links: Science, English, Media Arts
Every rock tells a story… from the history of our planet to the evolution of life on Earth. For centuries, scientists have been studying rocks to understand more about the Earth. In this program, students become mini-geologist as they learn about different types of rocks and how geological processes of changes affect the Earth’s surface.

For school teachers:

Digital Literacies across the curriculum | Teacher Professional Learning

Thursday 26 March | 9.30am - 4.00pm
Have you ever wanted to incorporate digital technologies into the Science and Humanities curriculum?
This full-day professional learning workshop supports teachers to develop the knowledge and skills to incorporate creative digital technologies into their classroom teaching. From documentary filmmaking to digital art, this hands-on workshop explores a range of tools and pedagogical approaches that can be used to incorporate digital technologies across the curriculum. Explore the wealth of opportunities available when combining 21st Century Learning literacies, qualities and competences with digital technologies to produce co-creative assessment.

For adults:

Digital Art Class | Runs once a month on the third Tuesday

6.00pm - 8.00pm | Adults 18+
Digital Art Class runs on the third Tuesday of each month and each art class is themed to explore a different aspect of Museums Victoria’s collections.
Whether you are a beginner, expert or somewhere in between - this creative studio class introduces digital art technologies and skills in a relaxed environment. Participants create extraordinary artworks, both working individually and adding to a shared virtual reality scene. Exploratory approaches allow participants to enjoy visual creativity, whatever their previous experience and level of skill in sketching, painting and digital design.

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