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Our Public Enquires team coordinates requests for images owned by Museums Victoria that appear in our exhibitions, publications and websites.

Many of Museums Victoria images can be found on MV Collections. On this website we apply open licenses wherever possible, including marking images as Public Domain as applicable.

Museum-owned images found on Museums Victoria websites can be downloaded for research and personal use as explained in our rights statement.

Personal use/private research

You do not need to request permission to reproduce MV image(s) for personal use or private research purposes, or for any other non-commercial activity.

You are free to download, display and reproduce material that appears in our publications and websites in an unaltered form. Please refer to our rights statement for further information.

Commercial, publication, exhibition or other non-personal use

Images that appear in Museums Victoria websites, publications and exhibitions are protected by Intellectual Property Law, which includes copyright and moral rights. Images from the Indigenous Collections are also protected by cultural rights. This may limit what can be reproduced.

If you plan to copy, adapt, publish, re-sell, distribute or commercialise any material contained within Museums Victoria exhibitions, publications or websites, for any purpose other than private research or personal use, you must request the permission of Museums Victoria. 

All image requests must be received in writing. In order to service your request, we need to know exactly which image you are interested in and how you intend to use it.

Please include the following information (where known) in your request:

  • Image identifier or reference number
  • Title/description of the image
  • Photographer’s name
  • Details of where you found the image (URL, location in an exhibition, name of publication and page number)
  • Details of exactly how you intend to use the image

Museums Victoria reserves the right to refuse any requests to copy collection items. Museums Victoria does not hold the rights to some collection items but will endeavour when possible, and in accordance with the Privacy Act 2001, to assist in clearing the rights to certain items.

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