Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd

We would like to thank the following Kodak Australasia executives for their vision in ensuring the preservation of Kodak’s history, and their ongoing support of the collection at Museums Victoria: Kate Metcalf, John Allen, Greg McKibbin, Ed Woods and John Mitcham.

Digital Storytellers

Special thanks to the following former Kodak staff whose stories are currently showcased in videos on this site: Val Bell, Yvonne Cameron, Marie de Camara, Liz Delahunty, John Harvey, Jim Healy, Pat Hogan, Doug Howden, Trish Lobb, Michael and Lucy Mikedis, Brian Phillipson, Roy Porter, Betty Radstake and Noel Swan.  

Oral History Interviewees

We would also like to thank all of the former Kodak staff and associated people who we interviewed for this project. Many of their stories already appear in various forms throughout this website and our Collections Online website, and more of these stories will be added in future. The interviews are also a valuable ongoing research resource.

Interviewees: Louis Shane Allan; John Allen; Lindsay Arnold; Darren Ash; Val Bell; Steve Brain; Jean Burt; Marie De Camara; Yvonne Cameron; Harry Clarke Jnr;  Freda Cuthbert; Elizabeth Delahunty; Norm Ducksbury; Gordana Duzdevich; Brian Flynn; Graham Francis;  Dr Will Fraser; John Garrett; Dr Ken Gifkins; Ron Gordon; Peter Habersberger; David Habersberger; John Harvey; Dr Peter Harvey; Jim Healy; Pat Hogan; Doug Howden; Roy Hughes; Peter Hunter OAM; Dr Gerry Johnston; John Kerr; John Lemcke; Trish Lobb; Diana Manson; Kate Metcalf; Jim McCoy; Alan McKay; Katherine McKay; Bruce McKay; Dot McKay; Greg McKibbin; Lucy Mikedis; Michael Mikedis; John Mitcham; Noel Monteith; Max Myers; Toni Myers; Brian Phillipson; Lothar Ploss; Roy Porter; Betty Radstake; Antony Rouse; Clare Rouse; Ron Salter; Thelma Sneazwell; Noel Swan; Michael Symonds; Professor Brian Tress; Cassandra Twomey; Murray Walton; Walter Whitworth; and Ed Woods.

Collection Donors

We thank the many members of the former Kodak staff community for their generous donations of Kodak related objects to the collection. Over 100 people have donated 1500 items, which bring Kodak’s history to life and expand the collection beyond the corporate record.

Collection Volunteers and Students

Museums Victoria has also been fortunate to have a range of students and volunteers contribute their time, skills and enthusiasm to documenting the collection. Thank you to Adrian, Andy, Arthur, Barrie, Camielle, Carissa, Claire, David (Baker Institute archivist), Dana, Dominic, Don, Ed, Grace, Ian, John, Les, Natasha, Neil, Nik, Noel, Rebecca, Ron, Ruth, Samuel, Sebastian and Stefanie.

Museums Victoria Staff

This website would not have been possible without the work of many current and former Museums Victoria staff. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the following people and departments, and more, who have supported not just this website, but the overall collection project at Museums Victoria since the acquisition of the collection:

Kodak Collection Project Lead: Fiona Kinsey

Kodak Snapshots Website curators: Fiona Kinsey and Catherine Forge

Society & Technology Department, in particular Lesley Alves, Liz Bramley, Charlotte Callander, Eloise Coccoli, Nick Crotty, Bec Davies, Angela de Jooste, Marita Dyson, Catherine Forge, Richard Gillespie, Lorenzo Iozzi, Karen J. Jakubec, Georgia Knight, Ruth Leveson, Jane Manallack, Caz McLennan, Jen McNair, Claire O’Meara, Hannah Perkins and Michelle Stevenson (Head of Department).

Digital Life Department, in particular Jeremy Pritchard, Veronica Scholes, Simon Sherrin, Cerise Howard and Richard Greenhalgh.

Media Production Department, especially John Broomfield, Rob Zugaro, Jon Augier and Sally Rogers-Davidson.

Collection Information Systems Department, including Ellen Burrows, Marija Bacic, Raquel Ashton, Lee-Anne Raymond, Sally O'Callaghan and Cathy Mulhall.

Strategic Collection Management especially Belinda Gourley, Karina Palmer, Penny Byrne, Jess McElhinney, Noni Zachri, Phil Masters and Rosemary Goodall from Conservation; Nev Quick and team from Collection and Research Facilities.

Marketing and Communications department especially Olivia Gumienny and Thomas Holloway.

Financial Planning, in particular Business and Grants Manager Khang Nguyen.

Public Information Department

Philanthropy and Partnerships Department

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