Corporate documents

Museums Victoria Strategic Plan 2017–2025

Museums Victoria’s role in sharing and exchanging knowledge, experiences and expertise has never been more critical. As our region’s leading museum organisation, we are uniquely placed to help audiences make sense of this world and foster greater understanding of the deep connections we have to each other and to our environment.

Museums Victoria’s Strategic Plan 2017-2025 defines our goals and objectives to build on the considerable strengths of Museums Victoria to create a museum organisation that ranks among the world’s finest.

Annual Reports

The Museums Victoria Annual Report provides an annual review of operations across our three museums, Melbourne Museum, Scienceworksand theImmigration Museum, as well as information about theRoyal Exhibition BuildingandIMAX Melbourne.

The Annual Report includes financial year statements and information on corporate governance and organisational structure.







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Freedom of Information

Museums Victoria is committed to providing access to our documents and information to members of the public. Providing easily accessible information reduces the need to submit Freedom of Information requests under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the Act).

Content Policy

The Content Policy assists Museums Victoria to preserve public trust, by ensuring our reputation and credibility is upheld and maintained. The Content Policy principles are aligned with Museums Victoria’s Strategic Plan, Vision, Mission and Values.

Gifts, Benefits, Hospitality and Attendance

This policy states Museums Victoria’s position for its Workers in relation to:

  • responding to offers of Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality; and
  • providing Gifts, Benefits or Hospitality.
  • attending Official Business Events

This policy is intended to support all Museums Victoria Workers and Museums Victoria to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain high levels of integrity and public trust.

Museums Victoria has issued this policy to support behaviour consistent with the Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees (the Code). All Workers are required under clause 1.2 of the Code to comply with this policy.

Policy Statement

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Registers

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