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Staff preparing the Triceratops skeleton at the Dino Lab in Canada
Museum Staff-ledYears F-6

Uncovering Triceratops

Ask questions, examine fossils, and uncover what and how scientists know about dinosaurs and Triceratops.

Small fire in hollow bark container
OnlineYears 3-6

First Peoples of Victoria: Knowledge of Country

The knowledge systems of First Peoples of Victoria are full of scientific knowing. Learn how their knowledge of Country is the first scientific knowledge of Victoria.

Photo of a clay sculpture featuring someone riding a winged horse
Self-directedYears 7-10

Open Horizons: Ancient Greek Journeys and Connections

See rare Ancient Greek artifacts from the prestigious National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

A dust storm approaches, by the roadside, via Tiega
OnlineYears 3-6

Climate change and Victoria's future online

Learn why the Earth’s climate is changing, and what we can do to help.

Self-directedYears 1-2

Daily life

Students learn about how daily life has changed for Aboriginal children and their families.

Speaker standing in front of a blue projection
OnlineYears 11-VCE

Top Designs Webinars

Webinars featuring VCAA representatives and industry speakers are offered in all studies.

Illustration of a Triceratops
Self-directedYears 5-6

Triceratops Adapts

Learn how Triceratops was adapted to its environment, in this self guided booklet program.

rimary school students using iPads during the 'Place and Culture' program in the First Peoples exhibition, Bunjilaka, Melbourne Museum.
Self-directedYears 3-4

Place and culture

Students learn about the diversity and longevity of Australia’s First Peoples and the significance of place to their culture and identity.

Illustration of a Triceratops
Self-directedYears F-2

Triceratops Alive!

Discover how Triceratops lived, in this self-guided booklet program.

illustration of triceratops
Self-directedYears 7-10

Discovering the Beast

Discover the amazing science of Triceratops in Fate of the Dinosaurs.

Primary school students participating in the 'Our Shared History' program in the First Peoples exhibition, Bunjilaka, Melbourne Museum.
Self-directedYears 5-6

Our shared history

Students learn about the diversity and longevity of Australia’s First Peoples and the impact of colonisation on their daily life and culture.

Speaker standing in front of a presentation on screen
OnlineYears 11-12

Top Designs: Video on demand

This year Top Designs is trialing an accessible video on demand version for some of the webinars.

Illustration of Triceratops
Self-directedYears 3-4

Triceratops Survives

Discover how Triceratops survived during the Cretaceous.

Various indigenous Shields in display case
Self-directedYears 7-8

Ancient worlds

Students learn about the diversity of Victoria’s First Peoples as the longest continuous culture in the history of the world.

Green christmas beetles in a cluster on the ground
OnlineYears F-4

Schoolyard Bugs!

Learn about insects and spiders and explore Museums Victoria’s amazing collection of bugs!

Illustration of a Triceratops in a lush environment
Museum Staff-ledYears F-6

Triceratops Days

“If you go into the Triceratops gallery, you’re in for a big surprise!” Join us for an amazing day at Melbourne Museum  supported by the Positive Start in 2022 initiative.

Self-directedYears 9-10

The modern world

Students learn about the diversity of Victoria’s First Peoples and how they have fought for their country and their rights.

OnlineYears F-2

A toy box tale

This interactive, semi-animated program, based on the My grandmother's toy box storybook, provides a unique view of life in the past.

A spiky red crab on a black background
OnlineYear K

Deep sea discovery

Learn about ocean animals as we journey from the beaches of Victoria into the deep, dark ocean world of the Abyssal Zone. How different do animals look who live in the deepest parts of the ocean?

Staff member talking to visitors in Milarri Garden
Self-directedYears 11-12

A guide for deeper learning

Students learn about the complexity and diversity of Australia’s First Peoples and reflect on their own cultural practices.

Cast of a frilled dinosaur
OnlineYear K

Dinosaurs and fossils

Learn about dinosaurs and fossils, and find out some of the ways palaeontologists know what they know about the ancient world of dinosaurs! Written specially for early learners.

A tiny orange and brown peacock spider sitting on the tip of a lead pencil
OnlineYear K

What is a bug?

How are bugs different to other animals? Become an entomologist and learn to identify different groups of bugs. Find out some of the amazing things bugs can do!

School children using the multimedia interactive
Self-directedYears 1-VCE

First Peoples gallery visit

Self-directed trails for learning in First Peoples.

Image composed of fog, a horse and wing texture
OnlineYears F-VCE

Virtual learning

Experience Museums Victoria from your classroom with this series of virtual learning sessions.

A woman unloading a large dinosaur skull from a van
Museum Staff-ledYears F-2

Dinosaurs...traces of the past

Dinosaurs at your school! Museums Victoria is touring to regional Victoria in 2022, supported by the Positive Start initiative.

Pablo presenting an education program to primary school students in Bunjilaka.
Teacher ResourceYears 1-10

Teacher resources for First Peoples

Extend your experience of the First Peoples exhibition with these resources for the classroom.

A student uses interactive touch screens in Road to Zero, whilst two other students refer to their mobile phone-guided app.
Self-directedYear VCE

Road to Zero VCE Health and Human Development

An interactive, app-guided learning experience for Units 3&4 VCE Health and Human Development students.

School students examining showcases in 600 Million Years Exhibition.
Self-directedYears K-VCE

600 Million Years gallery visit

Journey back in time, 600 million years ago, and discover Victoria’s amazing past through the fossil record.

Two museum staff presenting to an iPad which shows schools watching from the classroom.
Museum Staff-ledYears F-VCE

Virtual learning

Experience Museums Victoria from your classroom with this series of virtual learning sessions.

Butterflies on display in the Bugs Alive! exhibition at Melbourne Museum
Self-directedYears K-10

Bugs Alive! gallery visit

Uncover live insects and explore over 100 types of bugs and spiders from the museum’s collection in this exhibition.

Visiting child using Dino-viewer to view Diprotodon skeleton.
Self-directedYears K-10

Dinosaur Walk gallery visit

Walk among the skeletons of amazing animals from the past – dinosaurs, flying reptiles and megafauna.

Recreated toilet building in an exhibition
Self-directedYears 7-10

Dunny Detectives: Excavating Little Lon

Students take on the role of detectives/archaeologists to uncover the truth of Melbourne’s past.

Girl looking at Earth models on display in Dynamic Earth
Self-directedYears F-12

Dynamic Earth gallery visit

Discover how Earth formed, how earthquakes and volcanoes occur, and see amazing rocks and minerals from Museums Victoria’s collection.

Children looking at ferns in Forest gallery
Self-directedYears K-VCE

Forest Secrets gallery visit

Take a journey through a living gallery to discover stories about environments and change in Victoria's tall forests.

Self-directedYears 3-6

The Melbourne Enquiry: self-directed

Students undertake an enquiry for the City of Melbourne about the history of the city and possibilities for its future.

Two children looking a ipad. There is a large scale globe in background
Museum Staff-ledYears 3-6

Climate Change and Victoria's Future Learning Lab workshop

Learn how the Earth’s climate is changing and what this means for Victoria’s future.

Two girls holding rocks and speaking while another girl is recording on a  ipad
Museum Staff-ledYears 7-10

Rockumentary Learning Lab workshop

Students become mini-geologist and filmmakers as they learn about rocks and create short documentaries to communicate their findings.

Close-up image of a fossil
Self-directedYears 9-10

600 million years in 60 seconds

Make a 60 second movie to communicate science using the 600 Million Years: Victoria evolves exhibition.

Two students with female in program
Museum Staff-ledYears K-2

Bugs, bugs, bugs!

An interactive program for students to learn about insects and bugs.

Two students using virtual reality googles to experience a road trip from the past to the future of travel in Victoria.
Museum Staff-ledYears 9-10, VCAL

Road to Zero: Road Safety Experience

A world-first road safety education experience to create a new generation of safe young road users.

Students engaging with the TAC  Road To Zero Education Learning Centre interactives.
Museum Staff-ledYears 9-10, VCAL

Road to Zero physics challenge

A virtual reality physics experiment where students explore the impacts of speeds and friction on stopping distances.

Students engaging with the TAC  Road To Zero Education Learning Centre interactives
Museum Staff-ledYears 9-10, VCAL

Getting the message

Students make a collaborative community health video campaign with a compelling call to action to reinforce positive road usage.

Children at Luna Park interactive in Melbourne Story
Self-directedYears F-VCE

Melbourne Story gallery visit

Students can encounter the people, places and events that have made Melbourne the city it is today.

Museum Victoria staff presenting education program for school children
Museum Staff-ledYears K-2

My grandmother's toy box

Children learn about Melbourne’s history through a story about a little girl and her family toy box.

Museum Staff-ledYears 9-10, VCAL

Road to Zero: Regional In-School Program

Victorian secondary schools more than two hours drive from Melbourne Museum can now book the travelling In-School Program.

Three teenage boys looking at an iPad
Museum Staff-ledYear VCE

Road to Zero: Half-Day Immersion Program

A half-day excursion at the Melbourne Museum for VCE Health and Human Development classes.

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