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Daily life


Years 1-2
Terms 1-4 Monday–Friday
Minimum 15 students
Maximum 30 students

The Humanities

School programs and resources

Students are introduced to the First Peoples of Victoria and learn some of the protocols associated with this aspect of our shared history.

The facilitator guides them through an investigation of the culture, traditions and daily life of First Peoples in the 2000 Generations section of the exhibition.

Students will be given specific tasks in various sections of the exhibition where they will work in pairs. At this year level students will focus on family life and how children lived and learned alongside their parents.

Students will be provided with a trail to focus their attention and which can also be used back at school to reflect on their learning in the space.

Curriculum links

This program links strongly to Victorian Curriculum History Level 1-2:

  • Achievement: By the end of Level 2, students explain aspects of daily life to identify how some have changed over recent time while others have remained the same. They describe personal and family life, a person, site or event of significance in the local community