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Ancient worlds


Years 7-8
Terms 1-4 Monday–Friday
Minimum 15 students
Maximum 30 students

The Humanities

School programs and resources

Students are introduced to the First Peoples of Victoria and learn some of the protocols associated with this aspect of our shared history.

In the staff led program groups of students are provided with an iPad and use the Book Creator app to create their own story about how the cultural practices of the First Peoples were shaped and formed over time. They are also provided with a book to document their findings as a team.

Students are given specific tasks to complete which encourage them to discuss ancient knowledge, skills and practices that have been passed down over 2000 generations. In the Many Nations section of the exhibition students will study the range of technologies used by First Peoples across Australia and identify the diversity of designs and practices used in different parts of the continent.

All equipment is provided during this museum staff-led program. The films will be sent back to the teacher. Films might be used as a class resource or assessment task.

Curriculum links

This program links strongly to Victorian Curriculum History Level 7-8:

  • The nature of sources of evidence about ancient Australia and what they reveal about Australia’s ancient past, such as the use of resources (VCHHK107)
  • The importance of conserving the remains of the ancient past, including the heritage, culture and artefacts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (VCHHK108)