The modern world

Terms 1-4, Monday–Friday
60 mins
Year level
Years 9-10
Maximum student numbers
Maximum 50 students
$7 per student plus education service fee
Booking information
Bookings (03) 8341 7767

Students are introduced to the First Peoples of Victoria and learn some of the protocols associated with this aspect of our shared history.

In this self-guided program student are provided with a trail booklet that guides them through the exhibtion to learn how the cultural practices of the First Peoples shaped their identity and struggle for freedom. The map included at the front of the booklet marks the exhibits that help to explain the First Peoples experience of the the modern world.

Students are encouraged to work together in pairs to discuss how the values and beliefs of the First Peoples have been passed down over 2000 generations and beyond, with a particular focus on the struggle for rights and the freedom in their country.

Students are strongly encouraged to spend time in the Deep Listening space and listen to the voices of First Peoples to gain a better understanding for the continuing struggle for rights and freedoms.

Curriculum links

History: Level 9 - 10

  • Intended and unintended causes and effects of contact and extension of settlement of European power(s), including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (VCHHK134)
  • Significant events and influencing ideas in the development of the society, including different perspectives of the events at the time and different historical interpretations and debates (VCHHK135)
  • Causes of the struggle of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for rights and freedoms before 1965 (VCHHK152)
  • Continuity and change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in securing and achieving civil rights and freedoms in Australia (VCHHK156)

Intercultural Capability: Level 9 - 10

  • Analyse the ways in which intercultural relationships and experiences have contributed to the development of attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, and how they are manifested in various contexts (VCICCB018)

Geograpgy: Level 9 - 10

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ approaches to custodial responsibility and environmental management in different regions of Australia (VCGGK148)

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