Eulogy for a seastar, Australia’s first recorded marine extinction

Today, I am writing a eulogy to the Derwent River Seastar (or starfish), that formerly inhabited the shores near the Tasman Bridge in Hobart, Tasmania.


A treasure trove of freshwater fish biodiversity

The Kimberley region in Australia’s northwest is one our last great pristine unspoilt places, and a hotspot for species discovery.

Preparing fish specimens

Putting names to faceless fishes from the abyss

Understanding which fish species occur where, and discovering new fish species, is the starting point to managing marine biodiversity.

Worm on a black background

Creature of the deep

Its evocative appearance is not the only thing that makes this deep sea creature fascinating and important.

Auntie Veronica Barnett hand feeding eels, Milarri Garden, Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Melbourne Museum, 2011.

Interview with Auntie Veronica Barnett

Museums Victoria staff member Auntie Veronica shares her story with archivist Nik Mcgrath.

The RRS James Clark Ross

The Larsen-C Benthos expedition

What lurks beneath the Antarctic ice? Museums Victoria's Mel Mackenzie is one of the lucky scientists on a voyage south to find out.

Underwater landscape
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Discover Documentary: Deep Sea

Scientists are only just starting to uncover what lives in the deepest parts of the world's ocean. Find out about some of the weirdest and most wonderful with Dr Martin Gomon, Curator of Ichthyology and Melanie MacKenzie, Collection Manager of Marine Invertebrates.

A scientist holds a fossil ear bone of an early toothed mysticete behind a microscope

New research finds baleen whales had extreme hearing prior to giant body size and filter-feeding

Cover of An Introduction to Marine Life
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An Introduction to Marine Life

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Crabs, Hermit Crabs and Allies

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Front view of mounted display shark
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Marine Life

Dramatic underwater footage, vivid photographs and rare specimens bring Victoria’s marine animals to life.

Newly-moulted Giant Spider Crab

Melbourne's annual congregation of Giant Spider Crabs

Every year, thousands of Giant Spider Crabs congregate in Port Phillip Bay ahead of their annual winter moult.

Erich Fitzgerald and Tim Zieglar with 3D model of Alfred's skull.

Prehistoric whale fossil explains a major mystery of evolution – how whales became the largest creatures on Earth

Giant squid specimen laid out against black background.
Museums Victoria Collections

Giant Squid

Highlights from the squid dissection held at Melbourne Museum in June 2008.

Southern Blue-ringed Octopus

Blue-ringed Octopus

Small but deadly, this animal runs rings around the competition.

sea slug

Victoria's nudibranchs

The butterflies of the sea

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Nudibranchs and Related Molluscs

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sea anemone and shrimp

Sea anemone feast

Ever bitten off more than you can chew?

Shark tooth and whale bone

Whale vs shark

Evidence of shark bite 24 million years ago.

Side view of white and brown-red fish.
Museums Victoria Collections

Faceless fish

 Collected during the RV Investigator's Sampling the Abyss voyage.

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Southern Bobtail Squid swimming over a reef
Museums Victoria Collections

Southern Bobtail Squid

An iridescent green squid that lives in the sand and mud of shallow coastal waters.

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Fishes of Australia's Southern Coast

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Cephalopod Catalogue

Third and final volume by MV scientists now available

Bird perched on a red bollard
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Cockatoos taking flight
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Shrimps Prawns and Lobsters
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pink cockatoo

Indigenous Biodiversity

An Aboriginal perspective on Australia's threatened species.


Ancient whales had more bite than today’s gentle giants

The cutting edge of whale evolution

A view of a whale at the surface from above

Northern exposure: fossils of a southern whale found for the first time in the north

A totally unexpected discovery.

Four men with a fossil skull and tooth model

2017 Round Up

Museums Victoria had a massive year – take a look at our Top 10 moments.

Five girls looking for marine life on a boat.
Museums Victoria Collections

Help us document biodiversity – record your own sightings

Brown-yellow octopus with vivid blue rings in midwater against black background.
Museums Victoria Collections

Southern Blue-ringed Octopus

Pale fsh with orange lower jaw on seafloor.
Museums Victoria Collections

Common Gurnard Perch

The largest scorpionfish in Port Phillip Bay.

A fish, the Common Seadragon, above a seagrass meadow.
Museums Victoria Collections

Common Seadragon

 The Marine State Faunal Emblem for Victoria.

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