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From wedding dresses to meteorites, our Conservation team protect and preserve over 17 million objects in Museums Victoria's collection. This episode of Discover takes a look at how they do it!

Wedderburn meteorite
Museums Victoria Collections

Wedderburn meteorite

A meteorite from the core of another planet contains one of the rarest minerals on earth.

A woman and 2 children pointing at a large screen
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Dynamic Earth

Stories from the Dynamic Earth exhibition at Melbourne Museum. A stunning exhibition of thousands of minerals to tell the story of our ever-changing planet.

moon rock in an museum exhibition

Moon rock on display

Museums make it possible to see specimens from faraway places that you won't get the chance to visit yourself.

two rock fragments

The Murchison meteorite

The story behind one of the most studied meteorites, which fell to earth near Victoria in 1969. 

pink diamond

How do diamonds get their colours?

And what's so special about the pink ones?

Gold nugget specimen.
Museums Victoria Collections

The Bunyip Gold Nugget Gold

Blocky grey-purple amethyst crystals.
Museums Victoria Collections


From Reedy Creek track area, north of Eldorado, Victoria, Australia

Large oval, faceted, clear gem.
Museums Victoria Collections

The Crystal King Quartz

This cut crystal weighs 8510 carats (1.7 kg), measures 19 x 11 x 6 cm and has 196 facets.

Cover of Gemstones in Victoria
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Gemstones in Victoria

scientists with thylacine specimens

2018 Round Up

Take a look at our ten most memorable museum moments!

Head and shoulders portrait of man
Museums Victoria Collections

Hermann Ralph Uhlherr, engineer (1934-present)

A passionate collector of tektites who has had an asteroid named after him.

Gold Nugget 'Welcome Stranger' (1869)
Museums Victoria Collections

Gold Nugget 'Welcome Stranger' (1869)

Two round blue plates of mineral on a white rock.
Museums Victoria Collections


White rock with black tetrahedral crystals.
Museums Victoria Collections


Clear and purple crystals on grey rock.
Museums Victoria Collections


White mineral crystals
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Minerals and Gemstones of Victoria

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