A male Maratus volans peacock spider. Image made available through generous donation of its original author.

What good are spiders?

Apart from their intrinsic right to be here, spiders do humans a power of good as well.

Visitor in front of butterfly display at the entrance to Bugs Alive exhibition
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Bugs Alive!

The amazing world of insects and spiders!

Mottled brown scorpion, tail raised.
Museums Victoria Collections

Little Marbled Scorpion

 Is a relatively small species and found in the greater Melbourne region.

Venoms & antivenoms at Museum Victoria
Museums Victoria Collections

Venoms & antivenoms at Museum Victoria

Through necessity, Australia is a world leader in venom and antivenom research.

Black scorpion with tail curled over back.
Museums Victoria Collections

Wood Scorpion

Can live for more than three years and are known to occur in the greater Melbourne region. 

Front view of brown spider showing two rows of eyes.
Museums Victoria Collections

Wolf spiders

Some Wolf Spiders shelter in permanent burrows, others wander during the day.

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Black wasp

Predator vs predator

Wasps give huntsman spiders a taste of their own medicine.


Bountiful Mallee

Close encounters with Mallee insects.

Five girls looking for marine life on a boat.
Museums Victoria Collections

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Blac, white and yellow spiny spider on web.
Museums Victoria Collections

Spiny Spider

Also known as the Christmas spider or jewel spider.

Black spider with red markings with eggs.
Museums Victoria Collections

Redback Spider

Black Rock Scorpion
Museums Victoria Collections

Black Rock Scorpion

Lives in cleared areas beneath rocks or logs in burrows and is found in the greater Melbourne region.

A Marbled Scorpion on sand with its tail raised above its body.
Museums Victoria Collections

Marbled Scorpion

A spider, the Huntsman, on wood.
Museums Victoria Collections


A nocturnally active spider that you may encounter on the ceiling of your house.

Dorsal view of male Red-headed Mouse Spider.
Museums Victoria Collections

Red Headed Mouse Spider

Lives in burrows in the ground, often in banks of rivers and creeks, and is sometimes found in suburban gardens.

A White-tailed Spider on a leaf.
Museums Victoria Collections

White-tailed Spider

White-tailed Spiders often wander, hunting at night to catch other spiders.

A Victorian Funnelweb Spider on brown and green moss.
Museums Victoria Collections

Victorian Funnelweb Spider

Lives in silk-lined burrows with strands of silk that radiate away from the entrance to help catch prey.

A Brown House Spider in its web.
Museums Victoria Collections

Brown House Spider

This spider makes a tangled web of sticky threads that attach to the ground or floor.

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