A male Maratus volans peacock spider. Image made available through generous donation of its original author.

What good are spiders?

Apart from their intrinsic right to be here, spiders do humans a power of good as well.

A spider sits atop a pencil.

Why the 2010s were the decade of the peacock spider

How disruptors and digital technology led to a frenzy of scientific discovery.

Trees in Toolangi State Forest
Visit Melbourne Museum

Forest Secrets

At the heart of the museum is a piece of Victoria's mountain landscape with tall eucalypts, ferns, rare plants and wildlife. Delve in to the secrets of our Forest Galley.


Bountiful Mallee

Close encounters with Mallee insects.

Black wasp

Predator vs predator

Wasps give huntsman spiders a taste of their own medicine.

A black and white image of a toadlet.

Under fire: The animals threatened by Australia’s bushfire crisis

If there’s one place in the world that knows about extinction, it’s a natural history museum.

Female Badge Huntsman Spider underside

Is my spider a boy or a girl?

At some times in a spider’s life it is easy to tell, but at other times it can be impossible.

Black Rock Scorpion

Scorpion facts and fallacies

Are all scorpions dangerous? Answers to this and other common scorpion questions. 


Your eight-legged housemates

At Museums Victoria we are often asked: “What kind of spider is this? It was in my house! Is it dangerous?”

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Venoms & antivenoms at Museum Victoria

Through necessity, Australia is a world leader in venom and antivenom research.

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Help us document biodiversity – record your own sightings

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Wolf spiders

Some Wolf Spiders shelter in permanent burrows, others wander during the day.

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Spiny Spider

Also known as the Christmas spider or jewel spider.

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Redback Spider

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