An illustrated dragon's head seen from two angles.

When is a creature extinct?

And does this dragon still exist?

Strap-snouted Brown Snake, Pseudonaja aspidorhyncha.

8 myths about snakes

Some common misconceptions, and what you can do to keep snakes out of your yard.

Brown skink on rock.
Museums Victoria Collections

Pale-flecked Garden Sunskink

A small skink with a grey-brown to bronze back and striped sides.

Venoms & antivenoms at Museum Victoria
Museums Victoria Collections

Venoms & antivenoms at Museum Victoria

Through necessity, Australia is a world leader in venom and antivenom research.

Specimen box storage for the liquid nitrogen cryofacility freezing tank, Ian Potter Bio-Bank.

Discover Documentary: Biobank

Discover the Ian Potter Australian Wildlife Biobank: a state-of-the-art liquid nitrogen storage facility containing tissue, venom, and even live cells. 

Visitors viewing a showcase
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Over 600 birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians from around the world.

Mounted owl specimen
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Wild: Amazing animals in a changing world

Found out more about the Wild: Amazing animals in a changing world exhibition at Melbourne Museum, which features more than 750 animals from around the world.

Snake specimen in jar of ethanol.
Museums Victoria Collections

The first taipan to be milked for venom

Trees and mist
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Forest Secrets

Walk through a stand of Victoria's mountain forests in the middle of the city.

The head of a snake
Museums Victoria Collections

Lowland Copperhead

Has a light grey to red-brown body and pale white-yellow to pink-orange underneath.

Brown lizard without obvious legs on dry grass.
Museums Victoria Collections

Common Scaly-foot

A legless lizard

Dark snake with yellow belly on sandy ground.
Museums Victoria Collections

Tiger Snake

Tiger Snakes are variable in colour, ranging from light grey to blackish brown.

Side view of skink's head with dark stripe across eye.
Museums Victoria Collections

Eastern Blue-tongue

Blue-tongues have large heads, long bodies and short legs and toes.

Colour illsutration
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Detail of a colour illustration of a two koalas
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Bird perched on a red bollard
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Wildlife Field Guide app to Gippsland Lakes

Cockatoos taking flight
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Field Guide to the Budj Bim Cultural Landscape

Wombat poo

The science of poo

Poo is truly fascinating stuff.


Small(er) is beautiful

Megafaunal giants…in miniature

Auntie Veronica Barnett hand feeding eels, Milarri Garden, Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Melbourne Museum, 2011.

Interview with Auntie Veronica Barnett

Museums Victoria staff member Auntie Veronica shares her story with archivist Nik Mcgrath.

Five girls looking for marine life on a boat.
Museums Victoria Collections

Help us document biodiversity – record your own sightings

Lace monitor on a tree trunk.
Museums Victoria Collections

Tree Goanna

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