Wedderburn meteorite
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Wedderburn meteorite

A meteorite from the core of another planet contains one of the rarest minerals on earth.

Black and white image of a man standing next to a telescope
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Great Melbourne Telescope

Great Melbourne Telescope project website. The goal is to restore the telescope to working order so that it may be used for educational and public viewing.


Planet or dwarf planet?

A group of astronomers are trying to reclassify Pluto as full 'planet'.

A hubble space telescope image of spiral galaxy M83
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Melbourne Planetarium

An awe-inspiring astronomical experience in an unique immersive environment.

Night sky
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A monthly newsletter that describes where to find the brightest planets in the night sky.

two rock fragments

The Murchison meteorite

The story behind one of the most studied meteorites, which fell to earth near Victoria in 1969. 

moon rock in an museum exhibition

Moon rock on display

Museums make it possible to see specimens from faraway places that you won't get the chance to visit yourself.

scientists with thylacine specimens

2018 Round Up

Take a look at our ten most memorable museum moments!

Robert Lewis John Ellery, astronomer & scientist (1827-1908)
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Robert Lewis John Ellery, astronomer & scientist (1827-1908)

English-born Ellery was Government Astronomer from 1863's advent of Melbourne Observatory until 1895.

Building with telescope dome, surrounded by trees.
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Melbourne Observatory, 1863-1944

Established in 1863 to serve as a scientific research institution for Melbourne.

Head and shoulders portrait of man
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Hermann Ralph Uhlherr, engineer (1934-present)

A passionate collector of tektites who has had an asteroid named after him.

Brass instrument in glazed wooden case.
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Melbourne Observatory collection

Over 400 objects and images relating to the operation of Melbourne Observatory from 1863 to 1944.

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