Conservation at Museums Victoria.

Discover Documentary: Conservation

From wedding dresses to meteorites, our Conservation team protect and preserve over 17 million objects in Museums Victoria's collection. This episode of Discover takes a look at how they do it!

A view of a whale at the surface from above

Northern exposure: fossils of a southern whale found for the first time in the north

A totally unexpected discovery.


Ancient whales had more bite than today’s gentle giants

The cutting edge of whale evolution

whale preying on fish

Discover Documentary: Prehistoric marine mammals

What creatures swam in Australia's oceans millions of years ago? In this episode of Discover, palaeontologists Dr Erich Fitzgerald and Tim Ziegler explain how they find and prepare the fossils which are revealing the secrets of Victoria's prehistoric marine mammals.

Dinosaur skull cast
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Dinosaur Walk

Meet the skeletons from Melbourne Museum's Dinosaur Walk exhibition and learn amazing facts about these prehistoric animals. 

Crinoid fossils and models
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600 Million Years

The origin and evolution of life in Victoria.

Dinosaur claw specimen with handwritten registration number.
Museums Victoria Collections

The Cape Paterson Claw Theropoda

This claw - the first dinosaur bone found in Victoria - is commonly known as "the Cape Paterson Claw".

Finished reconstruction of extinct Australian megafauna, Palorchestes.

Australia's megafauna

Australia’s megafauna were unique, and included giant marsupials, huge flightless birds and giant reptiles.

Fossil plant
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600 Million Years: Victoria Evolves

How did life on Earth come to be the way it is and what happened in our part of the world?

Visiting children examining Inostrancevia skeleton in the Dinosaur Walk exhibition.
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Dinosaur Walk

Walk among skeletons of prehistoric animals.

Four dinosaur eggs.
Museums Victoria Collections

Dinosaur eggs

Fossilised eggs of a Sauropod

Brown rock with textured impression on surface.
Museums Victoria Collections

Dinosaur skin

 Fossilised skin impression of a Hadrosaur

Cover of Prehistoric Marine Life in Australia's Inland Sea
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Prehistoric Marine Life in Australia's Inland Sea

Cover of Prehistoric Giants: The Megafauna of Australia
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Prehistoric Giants

The megafauna of Australia

Small(er) is beautiful

Megafaunal giants…in miniature

Shark tooth and whale bone

Whale vs shark

Evidence of shark bite 24 million years ago.

Extinct mammal incisor with scratches.
Museums Victoria Collections

Diprotodon tooth

A tooth fossil showing markings which appear to be man-made.

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