Trees in Toolangi State Forest
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Forest Secrets

At the heart of the museum is a piece of Victoria's mountain landscape with tall eucalypts, ferns, rare plants and wildlife. Delve in to the secrets of our Forest Galley.

Specimen box storage for the liquid nitrogen cryofacility freezing tank, Ian Potter Bio-Bank.

Discover Documentary: Biobank

Discover the Ian Potter Australian Wildlife Biobank: a state-of-the-art liquid nitrogen storage facility containing tissue, venom, and even live cells. 

Bird perched on a branch

Listening for Nature

Researchers are using advanced digital tools to listen in on animal sounds and map who is where from croaks and calls.

A black and white image of a toadlet.

Under fire: The animals threatened by Australia’s bushfire crisis

If there’s one place in the world that knows about extinction, it’s a natural history museum.

a small scorpion glowing green under uv light

Glowing animals: understanding bioluminescence and biofluorescence

What do a Platypus, a Dragonfish and a Scorpion all have in common?

an image of a share one penny coin next to a vial of yellow powder

Deaccessioning: Why do museums remove objects from collections?

The public collections found in museums across the world are a historic record. But that does not mean everything stays there forever.

Five girls looking for marine life on a boat.
Museums Victoria Collections

Help us document biodiversity – record your own sightings

Green and brown mottled toad huddled on brown ground.
Museums Victoria Collections

Sudell's Frog

A burrowing species that usually come to the surface only after summer rains to breed.

Orange and brown frog on orange-brown soil surface.
Museums Victoria Collections

Eastern Banjo Frog

Burrows in the soil and are sometimes found when people dig in their backyard.

Bright green frog on partially submerged rock.
Museums Victoria Collections

Leaf Green River Tree Frog

These frogs frequent fast-flowing rivers and are excellent swimmers and jumpers. 

A Spotted Grass Frog with yellow stripe along its back.
Museums Victoria Collections

Spotted Grass Frog

A medium-sized frog with distinctive large regular-shaped brown or olive green blotches along its back.

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